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10 Reasons One Surgeon Has Published Prices for 13 Years
555 312 The RealSelf Team

Publishing prices has been an overwhelming positive for Dr. George Bitar and his team, whose practice is thriving, in part, because they’re unabashed about telling website visitors how much their services cost.

The Power of Proof: Unlocking the Potential of Photos & Reviews
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Learn why photos and reviews have special resonance with consumers, how they move the needle for your business, and a few creative ways you can unlock more of their potential for delivering more patients to your practice. Presented by Sciton.

Practice Playbook: Dr. Camille Cash Gets Real About the Patient Journey
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Dr. Camille Cash connects with patients on RealSelf by reflecting real life on her profile, both in its diversity and by being transparent about what people sign up for when they undergo a procedure.

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Medical Aesthetics, A Huge Wave to Ride. My Chat with Hydrafacial’s Clint Carnell
600 600 Tom Seery

I’ve long admired Hydrafacial in how it blurs the lines between beauty and medical aesthetics to the benefit of consumers and medical practices alike. I’ve…

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What’s Hot: Let’s Talk Business [Now On Demand]
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Join RealSelf University on Tuesday, November 10 at 12 noon Pacific to discuss three time-tested business strategies that can expand your patient base and increase your revenue. Supported by Emsculpt Neo.

Watch on Demand: What’s Hot—The Data About What Consumers Want Now.
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Now available on demand, our lead data scientist has RealSelf-exclusive data about how aesthetic consumers are thinking and behaving at a time like no other.

Watch On Demand: Instagram Content Workshop
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On this webinar, we’ll bring you fresh data-driven insights from the RealSelf social media team and RealSelf Social Index of 5,000 aesthetic Instagram accounts including plastic surgeons, nurse injectors, and med spas.

3 Crisis Marketing Need-to-Knows
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Join us for a special RealSelf University webinar on Thursday, March 26 at 12 Pacific to learn what you need to know about marketing during a crisis, and get the strategic info you need to futureproof your practice.

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