12 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

12 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

518 340 The RealSelf Team

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. It’s also one of the shortcuts to mastery. One of the best ways to learn great tactics for Instagram is to take note of how successful practices manage their own Instagram accounts. You should curate a list of inspiring aesthetics accounts by browsing and following the ones you most admire.

To give you a running start, we asked our RealSelf Affiliates to tell us which accounts they love and what makes them so special. Here’s what they had to say, in no particular order.


1. Dr. Nick Slenkovich

Handle: @DenverBodyDoc

Why we love this account: This account showcases what is possible if you have full-time employees dedicated to internal social media, a strategy that is great for large practices with a doctor who is truly personally passionate about social media (which is rare!). His Instagram Stories are fun, educational, and are created and posted by at least a half dozen team members throughout the week. —iScreamSocialMedia, @iScreamSocialMedia

2. The Piazza Center

Handle: @thepiazzacenter

Why we love this account: From the look to the voice, this practice has established a clear brand for themselves on Instagram. They’ve also successfully established themselves as experts in their field, while portraying the human side of their practices. –Etna Interactive, @etnainteractive


3. Breana Wheeler, MSN, NP

Handle: @breanawheeler_np

Why we love this account: Breana Wheeler offers very informative skincare posts, even for skincare connoisseurs who don’t necessarily need any skin rejuvenation procedures done. There’s also a good balance of personal posts. –Incredible Marketing, @incrediblemarketing

4. Dr. Lara Devgan

Handle: @laradevganmd

Why we love this account: We love how Dr. Devgan leads with reviews. Her patient testimonials are impactful. –Etna Interactive, @etnainteractive

5. Dr. Jason Hall

Handle: @jhallmd

Why we love this account: A fantastic balance of surgical and office content mixed with personal content allows followers to get a good idea of both the doctor’s skills and personality. –Firm Media, @firmmedia

6. Dr. Christian Subbio

Handle: @dr.subbio

Why we love this account: Dr. Subbio’s content is hilarious, creative, entertaining, and educational. —Aesthetic Brand Marketing, @aestheticbrandmarketing


7. Mayara Marinho

Handle: @mayaramarinhostudio

Why we love this account: This account uses excellent visual branding. The consistent use of color, logos on images, and proportionate photos creates a  powerful before-and-after gallery. –Etna Interactive, @etnainteractive

8. Dr. Hina J. Cheema

Handle: @storyofstyle

Why we love this account: This doctor is showcasing her personal life very organically—you can tell she’s running the account herself—with style and a consistent color blocking scheme. –Incredible Marketing, @incrediblemarketing

9. Dr. Michael Zenn

Handle: @zennplasticsurgery

Why we love this account: A great example of an effective use of Instagram Stories, posting almost daily, and encouraging followers to actively participate and get involved with events and specials. –Firm Media, @firmmedia


10. Doctors Without Borders

Handle: @doctorswithoutborders

Why we love this account: Great message overall, and they are killing it in IGTV with real-time marketing.  In 2019 and beyond, it’s all about the real-time marketing.  –Incredible Marketing, @incrediblemarketing


11. Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise

Handle: @DrJeffreyWise

Why we love this account: This is an example of a collaboration between practice and agency that feels local to the suburbs of New York City. Sleek and modern like the City, but fun and casual enough for the families living in New Jersey seeking a friendly environment with world class results. —iScreamSocialMedia, @iScreamSocialMedia

12. Dr. David Mabrie

Handle: @davidmabriemd

Why we love this account: Dr. Mabrie is delivering breathtaking full-face transformations with fillers, groundbreaking video education for consumers, and a truly approachable image of his practice. –Etna Interactive, @etnainteractive


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