15 Tips for Promoting Your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame Induction

From engaging your Instagram followers to spreading the news in local media.

15 Tips for Promoting Your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame Induction

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Congratulations to all the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame inductees! To help you promote your achievement, here are suggested ways to spread the exciting news — and to attract new patients. Some of these tips build on the social media toolkit we emailed you when announcing your induction, while others are brand new.

Browse all 15 tips below, or go straight to what matters most to you for promoting your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame induction:

Want to print these tips? Download a PDF version.

Promoting on social media

Use your social media toolkit
Check the email we sent announcing your induction for a link to some Instagram and Facebook posts we made for you and your followers. Each post includes an attention-catching photo, suggested post text, and even hashtags to get more eyes on your announcement.

Post a celebration photo of your team
Show your followers how much your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame induction means to the whole team. Besides, who doesn’t love some cake and champagne? Get creative and have fun, and remember to use the hashtag #realselfhof.

Update your Instagram and Facebook bios
It’s not bragging if it’s true. Add your Hall of Fame status to your bios and include a link to realself.com/halloffame so everyone can check out your glowing reviews on RealSelf. While you’re at it, why not update your Facebook cover photo to include the badge we emailed you too?

Promoting on your website/in email

Add your badge somewhere prominent
Want to make a great first impression on your homepage? Include your personalized RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame badge, available in the induction announcement email we sent you. Other popular options are on your doctor bio, “about us” page, or your testimonials and reviews page.

Blog about your achievement
If your website has a blog, post about your Hall of Fame milestone so potential patients can learn more when researching you. As a bonus, new blog posts and other content on your website can help your site show up higher in search engines, like Google.

Email your patients to thank them
Your existing patients might not visit your site frequently, so share the good news by emailing them. Thank patients for their support and include a link to your site’s celebratory blog post or the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame page.

Promoting in your office

Display your award with pride
Like your diplomas and certifications, your RealSelf award inspires consumer confidence. Showcase your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame award somewhere prominent, like your waiting area or wherever you meet potential patients for a consult.

Grab attention with your window cling
The inductee package we sent you includes a 4” window cling celebrating your Hall of Fame status. Test out a few different places to see where your repositionable sticker captures the most attention: your front door, by the front desk, etc.

Add a Hall of Fame sticker
Your inductee package also includes some stickers announcing your achievement. Try placing them on your RealSelf review cards, post-op care instructions, and other items you routinely hand out to patients.

Promoting in local media

Issue a press release using our template
In your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame induction email, you’ll find a link to a template our PR team made for you. Fill in a few key details and then issue your press release using a wire service, such as PR Newswire (paid only) or PR.com (free option).

Contact local reporters and publications
Call local publications and ask for the name and contact info of a health, beauty, or local news reporter. Email them your press release and offer to let them photograph you in your office (or send some high-resolution photos with your press release).

Run an ad promoting your accolade
Even a ¼ page advertisement in your local paper (or on their website) can help raise awareness of your Hall of Fame practice. To help encourage inquiries and track return on investment, include a special offer in your ad (e.g., “mention Hall of Fame for XYZ offer”).

Promoting on RealSelf

Add a celebratory special offer
Offers on your Dr. Profile give people another reason to contact you, and who wouldn’t want a Hall of Famer? Mention your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame status in the offer, and make it about wanting to say thank you to your patients for their support.

Update your Dr. Profile
If you have Profile Plus or are part of RealSelf Premier, you can add a custom cover photo to your Dr. Profile (such as you posing with your award). You can also update your personal statement to mention your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame honor.

Mention your fame in Q&As
When replying to consumer questions on RealSelf, you can further highlight your expertise and credibility by mentioning your achievement. Don’t force it — a natural “As a RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame inductee…” or quick mention as part of your sign off at the end is enough.