3 Big Updates to Your RealSelf Business Page

So you can better meet consumer expectations, showcase your team, and build trust pre-consult.

3 Big Updates to Your RealSelf Business Page

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To help your medical aesthetic business grow, we do more than listen to your feedback about Business Pages. We also evolve our site to meet the expectations of consumers as they research you and the treatments you offer. And with these updates for providers, we’re making it even easier to help you meet consumer expectations too.

Learn more about three recent improvements below, including how to make the most of these changes. After all, the better you can meet consumer expectations, the easier it is for you to grow your client base by building trusting, loyal relationships.

1. Answer Q&As in expanded categories

What’s new: Previously, eligible team members could answer consumer questions for toxins, fillers, or CoolSculpting. Now they can answer consumer questions for other non-surgical fat reduction treatments as well. If you offer these treatment categories, this is a great way to help establish your business as your area’s go-to provider for the top three minimally invasive treatment areas on RealSelf.

Why consumers expect it:

  • 97% of aesthetic consumers expect you to engage with them online.1
  • 45+ million consumers researched non-surgical treatments on RealSelf in 2017.2
  • Providers have already answered 2+ million questions on RealSelf so far.

How this helps you:

  • Answering consumer questions shows that you engage online and are committed to educating (potential) clients pre-consult or pre-treatment.
  • It’s much more efficient to give answers that any local consumer can see on RealSelf than it is to answer questions 1:1 via direct messages on social media.
  • Your team can be the first to answer over 4,000 consumer questions related to non-surgical fat reduction, toxins, or fillers.

Where to start:

2. Confirm team credentials

What’s new: Beginning June 6, 2018, Nurses and Physician Assistants must provide their NPI number to answer consumer questions on RealSelf. This aligns with our commitment to helping consumers connect with an aesthetic provider that best matches what is important to them. It also allows your team members to differentiate and stand out according to their board certification, speciality, licensing, and training.

Why consumers expect it:

  • 70% of consumers factor in expertise when choosing a provider for an elective cosmetic procedure.1
  • Nurses and Physician Assistants have already answered questions 700+ times since February 2018.

How this helps you:

  • Adding your team’s NPI numbers grants these team members the ability to answer questions on RealSelf, which gets your business more visibility.
  • Business Pages with 17+ answers to consumer questions get 7x more email and phone inquiries.
  • Educating consumers before you meet helps remove doubt and confusion, which can speed up the consult phase.

Where to start:

3. Showcase even more about your team

What’s new: Your Business Page now makes it even easier for local consumers to learn more about your medical aesthetics team. Each team member’s card now shows key data: star rating, review count, latest review, and latest Q&A. 7,000 Nurses, Physician Assistants, and other team members are listed on RealSelf so far, so you don’t want your team left out when nearby consumers are researching your business.

Why consumers expect it:

  • Because consumers can get treatments at many places, they want to know what sets you apart: your team’s service and expertise.
  • 74% of consumers read more than 7 reviews before they trust a provider.3
  • Consumers want to know about the specific provider administering their treatments.

How it helps you:

  • Each team member’s card highlights important at-a-glance information, especially helpful for consumers looking on their phone for the right provider nearby.
  • Your Nurses, Physician Assistants, Laser Techs, and other frontline staff are your competitive advantage.
  • Half of consumers on RealSelf research non-surgical treatments, so the more you showcase your full team, the better you look to these potential clients.

Where to get started:


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