3 Crisis Marketing Need-to-Knows

3 Crisis Marketing Need-to-Knows

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For practice leaders and business owners, the rapidly changing situation makes it incredibly challenging to make informed decisions. As we’re forced to rapidly change how we engage and communicate with each other, our goal for this webinar is to bring you the freshest real time information, data and insights that are relevant to the specific challenges of you and your patients.

We’ll cover case studies from history and from individual practices, and we’ll go deep on what you need to know to protect yourself, your team, and your business, including:

  • How to interpret the behavior of your consumer to inform your strategy
  • How to responsibly market through a crisis, and where you can cut costs
  • Future proofing (as best you can) by enabling services like virtual appointments

Join to learn for the most important things you need to know about marketing during a crisis, and hear what RealSelf is doing to prevent the spread of misinformation and help you through this unprecedented time.

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