3 Tips for Social Media Marketing in a Crisis

3 Tips for Social Media Marketing in a Crisis

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While people spend more time than usual on social media, you have an opportunity to engage with and grow your audience. On our recent Mentor-supported webinar 3 Crisis Marketing Need-to-Knows, Nicole Weltman, VP of Digital at ShopPR, shared her tips for navigating social media during this unusual time.

Social media expert Nicole Weltman shares tips for managing social media in difficult or unusual times.

1. Ensure You’re Creating a Two-Way Dialogue. Ask Questions and Actively Respond to Comments.

Remember to ask questions of your audience and engage with them. Respond to the comments where people want to have that dialogue with you, make sure you’re setting aside time on a regular cadence to respond and be your own community manager, and set your content up to create a two-way dialogue.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Test and Learn. Experiment With Features, Times of Day…Glean Learnings and Repeat. 

If you haven’t gone “Live” before, if you haven’t used some of the native tools within Instagram or Facebook, now as a great time to test. People are really forgiving. They’re spending a lot of time online and they themselves are potentially experimenting with tools within the platform. This is a great opportunity to test different times of day to post or different types of content, and learn and apply it moving forward.

3. Act With Humanity. Humanity is the New Authenticity.                                             

Many people are used to hearing that the key to social media is to be authentic, but in these times, authenticity 2.0 is humanity. It’s being sincere, it’s being empathetic, it’s knowing that right now these are difficult times. 

Watch the full webinar: 3 Crisis Marketing Need to Knows

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