5 Lessons Learned from Our Advisory Board

5 Lessons Learned from Our Advisory Board

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I joined RealSelf as VP of Doctor Marketing because I felt it was the most customer-centric company in the industry and I wanted to work on a mission that helps consumers find doctors who do great work. Plus, RealSelf has the most well-intended and talented group of tech experts around. Still, I realized RealSelf had a critical gap with another group of very important experts: our doctor community.

Based on my 10 years at Allergan, Valeant, and Novartis, I know the value of having a formalized feedback loop with you. So six months ago, we formalized our first doctor advisory board, the RealSelf Strategic Advisory Council. Now I can’t imagine our days without these doctors who help us navigate the current and future aesthetic landscape, fill the gaps in our blindspots, and truly represent the voice of the doctor within the walls of RealSelf to ensure we’re building with you.

In partnership with the 14 doctors on our advisory board, here are the priorities we’ve identified and are focusing on:

  1. Put board certification + credentials at the forefront
  2. Set clear expectations and do not overpromise
  3. Keep the bar high and minimize the ability to game the system to stand out, but keep it simple
  4. Step up our empathy for doctors and providers
  5. Balance speed with quality assurance

I’m delighted to share that at ASAPS we’re giving a sneak peek of the RealSelf Network, our renovation to how consumers will search and find a doctor. I’m so proud to share the RealSelf Network with you because from concept to launch, it represents the influence and dedication our advisory board has had in shaping the future of RealSelf.

I’m grateful and feel indebted to this group.

Kelcy Heringer

Since 2015, Kelcy Heringer has overseen marketing at RealSelf, the world’s most popular aesthetic treatment website. As Vice President of Marketing, Kelcy guides the strategies that attract and engage the active community of aesthetic providers on RealSelf. Prior to joining RealSelf, Kelcy’s 10 years of experience include medical marketing at Allergan, as well as marketing and product management at Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

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