8 Free Ways to Get More High-Potential Consultations on RealSelf

8 Free Ways to Get More High-Potential Consultations on RealSelf

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Are you an aesthetic professional who is grappling with closing the gap between the expertise you’ve built through experience and the way people see your reputation online?

If so, you’re not alone.

At RealSelf, we spend countless hours and dollars researching how consumers make their aesthetic decisions, and how doctors and other aesthetic professionals can connect better with them more effectively and relevantly. Personally, I’ve spoken with hundreds of highly-skilled surgeons, aesthetic practitioners, and mid-level staff members who often express they don’t know where to start or how to get the best results from online communities like RealSelf.

What these discussion have revealed, and what our data supports, is what separates successful doctors from the pack isn’t just merit, it’s also marketing. The great news for you is we’ve discovered through our research how aesthetic professionals can connect with the online consumer easier than ever before—and for free! Here’s what you can do to maximize your potential with RealSelf:

1. Claim your free profile on RealSelf

It’s important to be present where your patients are finding their aesthetic information. With 94 million visitors in 2017, RealSelf has a massive audience, and if they can’t find you, they will find your competitor. If you haven’t already claimed your RealSelf profile, get started here to take the first step in building relationships with aesthetics consumers who are serious about finding a local provider.

2. Highlight your services and expertise

Your profile will speak volumes about what you specialize in. Add the treatments you offer in your clinic or practice to your profile to let potential patients know how you can help them with their aesthetic needs.

3. Show your work

Photos were viewed over 630 million times in 2017 on RealSelf. Potential patients love to look for their ‘wish-pics’ and share them during their consults with you. Be sure to include your before-and-afters on your profile to give potential patients a peek at your expert results.

4. Showcase your staff

Patients will interact directly with your support staff, and patient experience will be majorly affected by the training, experience and approaches of the medical staff who will perform their procedure. Be sure to add your staff to your profile and include their bios to help leverage the reputation of the entire team.

5. Show your virtual bedside manner

Q&As, or responding to consumer questions, are a great way to show your expertise and your personality as an aesthetic professional. When you help consumers find answers to their burning questions, it does help your online brand but more importantly, it helps build trust between you and your potential patients.

6. Build your word of mouth online

Even traditional word-of-mouth referrals will seek out ‘virtual word of mouth’ to validate their decisions, which is why research shows reviews and ratings as the most influential pieces of information for potential patients who contact doctors, 14 percentage points higher than training and certification credentials. RealSelf has a free Patient Engage tool and other processes to make it easy to get your virtual word of mouth started.

7. Check out your competitors’ profiles

Potential patients are checking out the competitors in your area, so we recommend knowing how you stack up next to other local aesthetic professionals. Sometimes good marketing outshines high skills and expertise, so be sure you have both! Make it a habit to assess how your competitors present themselves online and don’t be shy about upstaging them.

8. Ask your RealSelf Advisor for help—it’s free

RealSelf Advisors are your secret weapon in getting on the fast track for an outstanding presence in the RealSelf community. Their services are free and they can work with you and your staff to optimize your profile from day one. Check out your RealSelf dashboard for the name and contact info of your Advisor today.

In brief:
  • Claim your free RealSelf profile to take advantage of the largest and most trusted online destination for information about aesthetic procedures and practices.
  • Complete as much of your free RealSelf profile as is relevant to your practice to help potential patients make an informed assessment.
  • ‘Virtual word of mouth’ is a powerful factor in consumer decision making, so ask for patient reviews early and often.
  • Schedule a call with your RealSelf Advisor for specialized advice on creating an outstanding profile. It’s free!

Get answers and support from a RealSelf Advisor by calling 206-624-9357 Ext. 4 or emailing expert@realself.com.

Maureen Ezekwugo

As Chief Customer Officer for RealSelf, Maureen Ezekwugo works to enhance the quality of doctors’ experience with RealSelf’s community of aesthetic consumers.

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