Adapting in Real-Time with Mary Fisher, CEO Colorescience

Adapting in Real-Time with Mary Fisher, CEO Colorescience

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Mary Fisher, CEO of Colorescience.

I am willing to wager that the 2020 Word of the Year will be “unprecedented,” fueled by the countless references to it in emails from brands and articles by journalists reminding us that these are indeed unprecedented times. Organizations that appear to be navigating the pandemic most effectively, however, appear to be less focused about characterizing their new challenges and more centered on how they respond to change. They are adapting in real-time.

One leader who stands out in enabling greater organizational agility is Mary Fisher, the CEO of Colorescience. In the latest Hey Seery podcast episode, Mary shares first-hand how she has driven greater tolerance and capacity for change at a company that saw its primary distribution channel, physician practices, get suddenly shut-down.

“You have to have the courage to follow your instincts.”
– Nicky Kinnaird

Mentors are important to developing leaders and Mary shares in our conversation how she draws inspiration from her Colorescience board member Nicky Kinnaird, the founder of Space NK in the UK and who was once referred to as the “Indiana Jones of Beauty.” In addition to encouraging Mary to follow her instincts, Nicky has served as a role model for breaking norms and overcoming naysayers. “She didn’t know [where] the limits were. So, she didn’t acknowledge them,” states Mary in our discussion.

As you will hear in the podcast, Mary Fisher undoubtedly has taken Nicky’s advice to heart and has the confidence and courage to take on whatever 2020 or 2021 throws down in her team’s path!

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