Advice for Pivoting Your Business During COVID-19

Advice for Pivoting Your Business During COVID-19

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“You don’t know whether you’re parachuting into a meadow with a Bambi drinking out of the stream or it’s a raging fire.”

Ken Myer, on my latest Hey Seery podcast 

When a company is completely upside down, or encounters a sudden departure of a leader, the board may have to hire an interim CEO overnight. My podcast guest, Ken Myer, is exactly the expert the board is calling at midnight to take on this herculean task.

Ken has a breadth of leadership experience and depth of emotional maturity to handle whatever challenge is thrown at him in these situations. On top of this, Ken is a popular lecturer in leadership and entrepreneurship at the University of Washington Business School.

With COVID-19 forcing sudden strategic pivots and disruptions to what effectually eliminated “normal” worldwide, I immediately thought of Ken, and I’m grateful for all the sage advice and opinions he shared in this session for leaders and business owners: 

[The] vast majority of what you do as a leader is aligning people around an objective and getting them motivated to go get there.

If you love serving customers and you really believe in doing excellent work, that’s fundamental to being successful in business.

Eric Ries, who wrote the book The Lean Startup…essentially says that when you change your strategy, you’re not changing the vision of what you want your business to be.

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