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Practice Playbook: How Dr. Jae Pak Makes RealSelf Work for His Practice

RealSelf works for Dr. Jae Pak because he takes specific steps to get the most value from the platform. Here’s how.

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Practice Playbook: Dr. Tanya Khan is Getting More Eyes on Oculoplastics

Dr. Tanya Khan, who is board certified in ophthalmology, gets an “appreciable volume” of monthly leads from RealSelf, and is using her profile not just to grow her business, but to showcase her specialty.

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Practice Playbook: Learn How Dr. Justin Gusching Started Strong on RealSelf

Dr. Justin Gusching is a board-certified general surgeon practicing in Georgia who ramped to 20 phone and web inquiries within two months of sponsoring his RealSelf profile. How he did it.

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Hello World, Hola Mundo, Hallo Welt, Ciao Mondo, Bonjour le Monde, Ahoj Světe, مرحبا العالم, Witaj świecie

Today we announced our acquisition of Barcelona-based YNS Group. This is a transformative moment for our team and the community we serve.

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Practice Playbook: How Dr. Jason Emer uses RealSelf to grow his practice

Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon in West Hollywood, California who is averaging a 30% conversion rate from his RealSelf web leads. Read his full story.

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Practice Playbook: Dr. Ramsen Azizi’s Strategic Marketing Investments

Dr. Ramsen Azizi built his practice on RealSelf by collaborating closely with his RealSelf Advisor and making smart, tactical investments in promoting his profile with Spotlights.

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See You in the Flesh at ASAPS 2021

We put our heads together to think up a foursome of exciting perks (you’ll pick one) that you can enjoy after the meeting. You’re going to love them.

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10 Reasons One Surgeon Has Published Prices for 13 Years

Publishing prices has been an overwhelming positive for Dr. George Bitar and his team, whose practice is thriving, in part, because they’re unabashed about telling website visitors how much their services cost.

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Now’s a Good Time to Beef Up Your Online Reviews

You know how important reviews are as consumers search for their doctor, but you’ve probably also found it hard to carve out time to get a good system in place. Here’s what you can do to get more reviews.

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Normalizing IVF, with Jake Anderson and Deborah Anderson-Bialis

For fourteen years, I’ve focused a lot of energy on opening up conversations and introducing transparency in areas that are stigmatized and intensely personal. Jake and Deborah Bialis-Anderson founded FertilityIQ…

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Practice Playbook: Dr. Camille Cash Gets Real About the Patient Journey

Dr. Camille Cash connects with patients on RealSelf by reflecting real life on her profile, both in its diversity and by being transparent about what people sign up for when they undergo a procedure.

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What’s Hot: Let’s Talk Business [Now On Demand]

Join RealSelf University on Tuesday, November 10 at 12 noon Pacific to discuss three time-tested business strategies that can expand your patient base and increase your revenue. Supported by Emsculpt Neo.

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Adapting in Real-Time with Mary Fisher, CEO Colorescience

The organizations that navigate this year most effectively are centered on how they respond to change and great at adapting in real-time. Read and hear the latest insights from Hey Seery.

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8 Consumer Trends Shaping Your Next Patient’s Decisions

Understanding how consumers are evolving is critical to your practice’s success. Learn the 8 consumer attitudes and expectations that should inform your marketing and treatment offering. Presented by Emsculpt NEO.

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Careers, Jobs, and Women in the Workplace: Lauren McGoodwin on COVID

 Lauren McGoodwin, Founder and CEO of Career Contessa In this week’s Hey Seery podcast, I learned that millennial women are the largest generation of women to ever be in…

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What’s Next at RealSelf

Tom Seery is now the executive chairman at RealSelf, and COO James Coyle has stepped into the CEO role

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New RealSelf Verified Profile Power-Up: Personalized Expertise Modules

We’ve rolled out a new update that will enhance the RealSelf Verified doctors’ expertise modules in two significant ways.

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Practice Playbook: Camp Plastic Surgery Gets Down to Business

Dr. Steven Camp and his wife, Sara Camp, have been focused on building their business by making bold and thoughtful investments.

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Practice Playbook: Dr. Goretti Taghva Builds From Her Strengths

Dr. Goretti Taghva’s thoughtful and self-aware approach to practice marketing and development helped her achieve success on RealSelf, including doubling her profile views in just six months.