The Anatomy of the Trusted Profile

The Anatomy of the Trusted Profile

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5 Steps to a Trusted RealSelf Profile

Choosing a provider requires trust. Here’s how you can optimize your RealSelf Profile to inspire consumer confidence and get the best results from your presence on the world’s largest aesthetic website.

1. Inspire patient reviews

Having at least 50 reviews can give consumers the confidence they need to contact you. In fact, practices with 50+ reviews receive 70x more email and phone inquiries than practices with less than 10 reviews.

Tip: Try using Patient Engage to collect reviews from multiple patients at once. This free tool available in your Provider Dashboard makes it easy to add reviews on a regular basis.

2. Promote your expertise

Answering consumer questions on RealSelf does two things that build trust. First, you get to directly engage interested consumers. And second, you demonstrate your commitment to patient education.

3. Add special offers

Did you know that 40% of consumers who request a consultation are interested in a special offer? Including special offers on your RealSelf Profile can give potential patients the extra little incentive to contact you instead of a competitor.

4. Showcase before & after photos

The proof is in the photos. 71% of RealSelf users say they need to see at least 11 sets of photos before making a confident decision about a cosmetic provider.

Tip: Use RealSelf Spotlights to promote your before & after photos on pages related to treatments you offer. Spotlights with before & after photos get nearly 3x more contacts.

5. Connect with your consultation requests

Each month, we send providers 500,000 contacts from interested consumers. To build trust pre-consult, reply to inquiries with a sense of urgency. Your response rate and response time are key signals for how trustworthy you seem to consumers researching providers like you.

Tip: Respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Consumers expect a fast follow-up, and you don’t want to compete against yourself by taking too long to reply.