Best Practices: Answering Consumer Questions

Best Practices: Answering Consumer Questions

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Did you know consumers have posted over 400,000 questions on RealSelf?

By taking a few minutes to answer questions from the RealSelf community of 10 million aesthetic consumers, you can begin to establish relationships and trust. And that means you can change your first conversation together from, “It’s nice to meet you” to “I feel like I already know you.”

To help, we’ve compiled best practices from some of our most successful providers:

Best practices

  • Write answers as “opinions” and not “advice” 
    Statements such as “In my opinion,” “In my past experience,” or “In similar situations that I’ve handled…” can help delineate opinions from advice. This is an opportunity to show your expertise.
  • Be educational
    Refrain from overt marketing or self-promotion. Helping a potential patient be informed and showing them you care about the community helps establish trust prior to meeting you in person.
  • Answer questions based on popularity
    Getting started can be as simple as a search on And regardless of where the question originated, consider answering it. Patients near you will navigate to popular questions, helping build further awareness among the treatment-specific communities for your Business Page.
  • Answer as if you are the only provider who is posting an answer
    Your answer needs to be able to stand alone and should be authentic and not a canned response. Take the time to ensure it represents your expertise.
  • Utilize a treatment video to answer a question
    If you have already begun adding short treatment videos to your Business Page, you can now include them in your answers.

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