Are SEO Consultants Worth It?

Are SEO Consultants Worth It?

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I’m a skeptic when it comes to SEO consultants. I’ve used them in the past, and wish I could have that money back.

Most SEOs remind me of stock pickers. If they have truly unique insights on what works, then wouldn’t they keep that to themselves in order to get fabulously wealthy? The reality is that many people who offer to help doctors with SEO advice are simply applying web standards and best practices to get your site ranked appropriately. This is indeed important, but if they promise you ranking, watch out. One SEO is not going to be able to out-game Google and it’s 1,000+ of world class software engineers.

If the SEO offers to make incremental improvements that deliver results over time (side note: you watch your Google Analytics reports, right?), you are likely on the right track. From my experience, a handful of companies deliver solid best practices advice to doctors when it comes to SEO: Etna Interactive, Surgeon Advisors, Page1Solutions, Strategic Edge, and Rosemont Media.

What should you pay for this advice? New data from 600 agencies around the world shows that it varies tremendously. In the US, SEOs charge between $76 and $200 per hour. Here’s a graphic showing the findings:

What to pay for SEO if you're a doctor?

Tom Seery

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