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What Were We Thinking?

The real reasons we launched the RealSelf Network & RealSelf Verified.

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Your RealSelf Network Questions, Answered.

We launched the RealSelf Network in early June after months of all-hands-on-deck building and honing here at RealSelf, and with the active participation of the doctors on our business advisory…

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8 Free Ways to Get More High-Potential Consultations on RealSelf

Are you an aesthetic professional who is grappling with closing the gap between the expertise you’ve built through experience and the way people see your reputation online? If so, you’re…

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Best Practices: 7 Tips to Creating Your own Code of Conduct

At last month’s ASAPS conference in New York, I was encouraged to see the number of doctors who are coming to understand how valuable social media can be in promoting…

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Openness, Engagement and Trust: The 3 Essentials of an Effective Code of Conduct

After our presentation at  the 2013 ASAPS Conference in New York, a doctor came up to me with concern about establishing a Code of Conduct (CoC) for her team.  “My…

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As Doctors Embrace Social Media, Creating a Code of Conduct Is Crucial

It’s only been 3 years since I’ve joined RealSelf as the EVP of Doctor Community, yet it’s amazing to me the tremendous shift that’s taken place in how doctors are…

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Can Authenticity be the Key to Your Competitive Edge?

Let’s face reality.  Your target consumer is changing.  The way they are conducting their research, comparing their options and making their decisions is changing too.  Consumers no longer want to…