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7 Reasons Why RealSelf is One of the Fastest Growing US Companies (Inc 500)

Inc. magazine has announced its annual list of America’s fastest growing companies, and RealSelf made it into the top 500. Mail that’s fun to open: our Inc. 500 award Rather than…

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Aesthetic Medical Devices and Pharma Need to Embrace Social Advertising

The most common advertising request we get from device makers and pharma companies (well, actually, their agencies) is the traditional banner or box ad. We try to talk them out…

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Patient-Centric Marketing: A New Old Concept

It  goes without saying that patients aren’t robots, yet many doctors have ended up with their marketing budget dedicated to trying to win over the Google robot using “SEO” tactics,…

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Embrace Online Feedback To Deliver Better Medical Services

A medical practice should embrace online reviews because they offer a trove of important service feedback. Ryan Miller from Etna Interactive offered this advice at the recent Vegas multispecialty conference, with specific reference…

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Less Advertising, More Content Marketing

Doctors need to hear this often, because I still see them spending far too many marketing dollars on magazine ads and listings in web directories: the path to good web…

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Patients Are Rarely Complainers Online

With countless sites allowing a doctor to get rated anonymously, it’s easy for a physician to conclude the web is against them, and filled with negative posts and bad mouthing.…

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Be Relatable and Helpful: The Social Media Agenda for Plastic Surgeons and Doctors

Being Helpful. Image: Companies emerging as successful are often those that are the most human.–Peter Merholz A key step a doctor can take to humanize their organization –and develop a personal…

social media post quality - attributes
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Social Media Posts: 13 Attributes Doctors Need to Consider

We’ve already talked about how quality trumps quantity for SEO-ing your practice website. But what defines “quality” when posting to followers or fans in social media? Professor Sree Sreenivasane from Columbia…

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3 Under-reported Social Media Risks for Doctors

Doctors are taking risks by sitting out of social media Each year I listen in on dozens of practice management sessions at medical conference for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and facial…

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Forums Beat Facebook and Twitter for Aesthetics Purchase Decision Making

You may think everybody on the Internet spends all their time on Facebook but when it comes to purchasing products and services, that’s not necessarily where they’re hanging out. According…

SEO ranking for doctors requires producing quality content
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QUALITY: The Key to Your Practice Website Ranking

After years of working on search ranking, your medical practice has likely hired numerous SEO consultants who’ve encouraged you to stuff website pages with important keywords and to generate content for…

Pregnancy Newborn Article on Plastic Surgery for Moms
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RealSelf in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Fun to get quoted by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine in their story Postbaby plastic surgery: Is it for you? Tom Seery, CEO and founder of, hears accounts of surgical experiences…

Social media marketing mistakes by doctors
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5 Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make in Social Media (and What to Do Instead)

Guest Post by Monique Ramsey, CSMS, Founder & CCO of Cosmetic Social Media Here’s a staggering statistic… did you know that 96% of people who like a Facebook page NEVER…

Social platforms represent the future for doctors marketing their practices on the web
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Why Doctors Must Migrate to Community Distribution Platforms

I recommend doctors read over the post Why Social Is So Disruptive to Traditional Marketing by Judy Shapiro where she explains the reason marketing dollars are rapidly shifting toward social sites…

Old fashioned marketing
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Are You Doing Old Fashioned Marketing?

Insightful video on how product and experience now define brands-not just what marketers message in advertising. This is hardly lost on doctors who see that patient reviews directly impact (positive…

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Are SEO Consultants Worth It?

I’m a skeptic when it comes to SEO consultants. I’ve used them in the past, and wish I could have that money back. Most SEOs remind me of stock pickers.…

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Is Your Medical Practice Website Mobile Friendly?

At RealSelf we’re witnessing a dramatic increase in usage of mobile devices consumers use to research plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, and other medical-beauty topics. In the last quarter of…