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Listening to patients Dr. Salemy
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How to Conduct Consultations with Social Media Patients

For Seattle-based plastic surgeon Shahram Salemy, M.D., patient care doesn’t start in the operating room or even during a consult, but rather, from the moment a potential patient makes contact,…

social media
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42 Percent Turn to Social Media for Plastic Surgery Research

Social media continues to redefine how consumers find, choose and buy products and services — and plastic surgery is no exception. That’s the major takeaway from a just-released survey from…

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Should Doctors Do Groupon?

It’s one of the biggest Internet sensations in online marketing but is it right for you? “It,” of course, is Groupon, the deal-of-the-day website that provides big discounts to online…

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As Facebook Goes Public, Issues of Privacy Remain

No doubt you’ve heard the news that Facebook is going public, a move that will value the company at $75–$100 billion, make Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire 28 times over and…

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Online Videos Help Turn Viewers into Patients

You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to know that people love online videos but did you know those videos can be a powerful marketing tool for your…

Pay per click on Google
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Two Steps to Higher Pay-Per-Click ROI

Guest Post by Bill Fukui, Chief Operating Officer at Page 1 Solutions When it comes to online advertising, you may pay per click (PPC) but you earn per conversion. And…

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Increasingly, Social Media Drives Buying Decisions — and Patients

Doctors who think social media is just a lot of idle chit-chat with no relevance to their practice may want to reconsider. The fact is consumers who go online to…

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, doctor reviews are here to stay

Once upon a time, an unhappy patient might talk to a friend or two to complain about his or her experience. Not anymore. These days, they don’t pick up the phone;…

Discount coupon plastic surgery
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Coupons for Cosmetic Surgery: Do Deals Deliver Results?

It goes without saying that people who are considering cosmetic surgery want a great result. They also want a good deal especially during the economic downturn. A surprising number of…

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Interview: Dr. Donn Chatham on Reputation Management

Once upon a time, a doctor’s reputation was mostly a matter of word of mouth; these days, it’s more like word of mouse, in which the tap of a key…

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Forward-thinking Doctors Find Value in Online Patient Communities

If you’re reading this blog, you already know that online patient communities are playing an ever-larger role in health care. But did you know that more and more of your…

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Expand Your Email Base Beyond Existing Patients

It’s good to share. It was true in kindergarten, it’s true in online forums and it’s true in email newsletters. If you’re among the increasing number of doctors who produce…

Google Plus in Search Results
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Doctors Can Stop Chasing Google Ranking

If you’ve been online for a while, you’re probably familiar with search engine ranking reports, the lists that show your practice website’s relative positions for the keywords that people use…

Guest Blogging is a great way to boost your online presence
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Guest Blogging is Key to Doctor Online Reach

Looking for a proven way to spread the word beyond your medical practice website? Offer to write guest posts on other blogs. This gives you a way  to connect with people…

Online health research 1998 to 2011
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Study: 3 in 4 Adults Go Online for Health Research

What do you call someone who goes online to obtain health care information? At Harris Interactive, the folks behind the Harris Poll, they call them “cyberchondriacs,” adding that the term…

Social media monitoring for doctors and medical practices
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Metrics for Doctors Investing in Social Media

The measure of success in social media marketing is a simple count of your fans, likes, and follows, right? That’s old thinking. Amy Chang, director of product management at Google, puts…

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What’s on your patients’ minds? Their butts

Online searches show big lift for butt augmentation There are no ifs or ands about it — butts are in. And bigger, better-shaped ones are what many medical-beauty clients are…