Buzz Index: A New Year, A New Body?

Buzz Index: A New Year, A New Body?

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Photos courtesy of Dr. Mary Lee Peters, MD

Maybe it’s the time of year. At a time when millions of people resolve to lose a little weight, those who have already lost a lot of it are more than happy to share their experiences.

Case in point: aesthetic consumers who have had or are considering a body lift. In fact, according to the latest Buzz Index from, body lifts posted the largest increase in conversation last month with a score of 175.

(The Buzz Index is a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments and new reviews posted on RealSelf over the last 28 days relative to the last three months. With 100 representing a normal amount of discussion, higher scores mean increased interest and more buzz.)

The discussion on RealSelf’s body lift community pages offers a perfect example of the consumer decision journey that patients make as they research procedures, consider various providers and share their experiences with others who are just starting out. As the following posts suggest, the journey starts long before a potential patient walks in the door and continues long after they complete their recovery.

Pre-procedure research: MedicMomOIF, Dothan, Alabama, posted Dec. 17, 2012

Sigh. I am one week from having a belt lipectomy with VASER liposuction and more nervous than when I went to combat for the first time. I am a military mother, I have two birth children and my step-son…

I came across this site [] and was up until 3 a.m. one night just reading about everyone’s experiences. I hope, after waiting all this time, that I am making the right choice for me, I am sure I will love it but the fear is taunting me. I guess I will update this post-surgery. Wish me luck 🙂

Post-procedure care: rg90025, Beverly Hills, California, posted Dec. 17, 2012

The surgery was so scary, but they made me so comfortable and everyone was so friendly and warm and caring. I could go on and on, but I would recommend this doctor without any reservation at all. I think what I like the most about him is that I thought that once the surgery/procedure was over, they would want to wash their hands with me. Totally the contrary. The doctor told me I could email him directly and send pictures to update him and he would reply. I have bothered this poor doctor with over 30 emails, to which he has responded to every single email.

Post-procedure, paying it forward: Lisa Haupert, Iowa City, Iowa, posted Dec. 16, 2012

After Haupert shared several posts and informative videos about her late-November lower body lift, she received the following comment:

Hi Lisa, Thank you SO much for sharing your story. You are quite an inspiration! Kudos to you on all the hard work that is weight loss/life style change. Your tips have been very helpful for me as I am scheduled for my lower body lift on 1/16! There are a lot of emotions that are felt in the weeks before this surgery — and I’m not even there yet. Once again, your advice has been most helpful and I will continue to check back to your page for updates. Thanks again!

While each of the above patients is in a different stage in their own aesthetic journey, it’s obvious that those stages also represent serial points along a circle that continually reinvents and reinforces itself, a reality that helps explain the high Buzz Index for body lifts.

How about you? Is your practice seeing an uptick in inquiries about body lifts — and are you doing everything you can to convert those inquiries into new patients?

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