Careers, Jobs, and Women in the Workplace: Lauren McGoodwin on COVID

Careers, Jobs, and Women in the Workplace: Lauren McGoodwin on COVID

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Lauren McGoodwin, Founder and CEO of Career Contessa

In this week’s Hey Seery podcast, I learned that millennial women are the largest generation of women to ever be in the U.S. workforce. They make up more than half of the workforce now, which made it such a pleasure to speak with the Founder and CEO of Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin, who seeks to serve these women with helpful resources from salary information to career planning.

In our conversation, we cover a lot of ground, ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on careers for women in the workforce, to the employment market, to trends that are going to outlast the pandemic. Some show highlights:

  • The balance of power has decidedly shifted from employee to employer due to COVID impacts, but the fight for good talent is unchanged by the pandemic.
  • Fewer women are open to job changes now. Lauren states that “there’s a lot of internal fear and self-talk and narratives that people can tell themselves where they basically say, ‘Now’s not the time to make a career pivot. There’s no way you can take a lot of risk in your career right now.’”
  • Men will apply for a job opening when they only meet 60% of the requirements; women only do so when it’s 90%. Why? Lauren explains it is “blind confidence that men have, where women are definitely not just socialized, but sort of trained, to think that we’ve gotta be perfect, we’ve gotta hit all those boxes before we can do the thing.”

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