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10 Reasons One Surgeon Has Published Prices for 13 Years

Publishing prices has been an overwhelming positive for Dr. George Bitar and his team, whose practice is thriving, in part, because they’re unabashed about telling website visitors how much their services cost.

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TouchMD and RealSelf Partnership Opens the Floodgates to More Patient Reviews

Reviews up 335% in 3 months for the initial pilot practice. 70% of people will go on to leave a review when asked to do so, but busy practices aren’t…

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How Dr. Salemy Reaches Prospective Patients 24/7

  Even early on in his career, Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS realized the need to build relationships with potential patients. To stand out against competitors, Dr. Salemy prioritized building up…

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Dr. Andrew Campbell: Why I Use RealSelf

    Dr. Andrew Campbell, MD is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Mequon, Wisconsin who has been part of the RealSelf community for over 7 years. He…

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Dr. Chase Lay: Why I Use RealSelf

    Dr. Chase Lay of Chase Lay MD & Associates in San Jose, CA considers RealSelf a powerful tool not only to communicate and share information, but also an…

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Dr. Christian Stallworth: Why I Use RealSelf

    Dr. Christian Stallworth, a San Antonio-based facial plastic surgeon, joined our community because he sees RealSelf as an essential communication channel to get to know patients prior to…

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Dr. Jason Bloom: Why I Use RealSelf

    Dr. Jason D. Bloom, a facial plastic surgeon based in Ardmore, PA, recognizes RealSelf as an invaluable tool for promoting his practice. He maintains an active profile with…

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Dr. Jason Lichtenberger: Why I Use RealSelf

    RealSelf provides a learning opportunity for Dr. Jason Lichtenberger, Bellingham Facial Plastic Surgeon in WA. He gains valuable insights from peers throughout the world as well as the needs…

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Dr. Louis DeJoseph: Why I Use RealSelf

    For Dr. Louis DeJoseph of Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgery, RealSelf is the quickest and most effective method for sharing industry knowledge and attracting new clients. He appreciates the ease-of-use…

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Dr. Richard Gentile: Why I Use RealSelf

    RealSelf has become the go-to source for Dr. Richard Gentile to promote the specialized services he and his team provides at Youngstown Facial Plastic Surgery in Boardman, OH.…

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Going Solo: How RealSelf, Social Media, and Being Scrappy Helped Launch My Practice

Ever since his plastic surgeon grandfather stitched up his tongue after a childhood bike accident, Dr. Adam Oppenheimer knew he wanted to be in the business. Raised in a family…

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Interview: From Med School to Mozambique with Dr. Manish Champaneria

It’s a long way from Minneapolis to Mozambique, but when the traveler is board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Manish C. Champaneria, MD, it’s less of a stretch when you consider…

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Spotlight Case Study: Dr. David Shifrin

Using RealSelf to Build a Strong Brand and Patient Pipeline. How many younger plastic surgeons can already say they’ve established a strong reputation and found a cost-effective way to acquire…

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Spotlight Case Study: Dr. Peter Capizzi

“Results I can’t get just from my own website or any other kind of advertising.” Dr. Peter Capizzi is known for many things. Like his skill with breast surgeries. And…

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Spotlight Case Study: Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri

How This Miami Surgeon Gets $36 for Every $1 He Spends on RealSelf. Standing out from competitors can be challenging, especially in the highly competitive market of Miami. As Director…

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Spotlight Case Study: Dr. Ron Shelton

Getting Up to $250k in Annual Revenue from RealSelf. With RealSelf, Dr. Ronald Shelton accomplishes two of his passions: educating patients, and growing his New York City practice. He answers…

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Video Marketing: What’s Good for the Doctor… Is Good for the Practice

Physician, heal thyself. The proverb may date back to the Bible (Luke 4:23) but in these digitally driven times, it also applies to marketing your practice. After all, if you…