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Hello World, Hola Mundo, Hallo Welt, Ciao Mondo, Bonjour le Monde, Ahoj Světe, مرحبا العالم, Witaj świecie

Today we announced our acquisition of Barcelona-based YNS Group. This is a transformative moment for our team and the community we serve.

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Normalizing IVF, with Jake Anderson and Deborah Anderson-Bialis

For fourteen years, I’ve focused a lot of energy on opening up conversations and introducing transparency in areas that are stigmatized and intensely personal. Jake and Deborah Bialis-Anderson founded FertilityIQ…

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Adapting in Real-Time with Mary Fisher, CEO Colorescience

The organizations that navigate this year most effectively are centered on how they respond to change and great at adapting in real-time. Read and hear the latest insights from Hey Seery.

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Careers, Jobs, and Women in the Workplace: Lauren McGoodwin on COVID

 Lauren McGoodwin, Founder and CEO of Career Contessa In this week’s Hey Seery podcast, I learned that millennial women are the largest generation of women to ever be in…

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What’s Next at RealSelf

Tom Seery is now the executive chairman at RealSelf, and COO James Coyle has stepped into the CEO role

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Advice for Pivoting Your Business During COVID-19

With COVID-19 forcing sudden strategic pivots and disruptions to what effectually eliminated “normal” worldwide, some advice from a leadership and entrepreneurship expert.

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Skin of Color: The Unmet Need and Opportunity in Medical Aesthetics

One of the greatest growth opportunities in aesthetics? Addressing the needs of people with skin of color. Tom Seery interviews Dr. Sonia Badreshia-Bansal about how to begin.

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COVID-19 Impact on Medical Aesthetics: Consumer Attitudes and Intent

Our team has surveyed over 1,600 RealSelf community members about COVID-19 and how it affects their interest and likelihood to move forward with a cosmetic procedure. An overview of the findings.

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Don’t Botch this Pandemic Lesson 

Tom chats with Dr. Bill Portuese and Dr. Paul Nassif about the upside of slowing down & more.

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Piecing Together a Mental Health Playbook

This week’s Hey Seery podcast explores the anxiety, depression and fear that accompany the COVID-19 crisis.

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Rarely Shared Secrets to Getting Reviews and Increasing Conversions

On the first episode of the Hey Seery podcast, RealSelf CEO and Founder Tom Seery interviews practice marketing veteran Eva Sheie about the world of online reviews, which are critical for helping great doctors do well online.

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Is Social Media Destroying Medicine? [Video]

While the risk of fakers and posers using social media to steal mindshare is real, doctors on the RealSelf Advisory Board shared a belief that it introduces transparency.

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The State of Expertise in the 2020s

Tom Seery would love to know what you’ve done to elevate your expertise in the current age.

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Yes, We Can Thrive As Tech Accelerates

The rate of advancement in tech has officially outpaced our ability to keep up, and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has said the people and businesses poised to thrive are those…

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Introducing Hey Seery

Just like you, I am busy.  Relentlessly busy.  Because of this, we probably share an attraction to tools that make us more productive, like the Apple Watch strapped to my…