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COVID-19 Impact on Medical Aesthetics: Consumer Attitudes and Intent

Concerned consumers put procedures on hold due to COVID concerns, but a significantly higher number of them are ready and planning to move forward. People have concerns about getting sick…

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Don’t Botch this Pandemic Lesson 

The lesson: take time for yourself! Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Bill Portuese deliver 50 years of combined advice on this episode of the Hey Seery podcast. When I started…

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Piecing Together a Mental Health Playbook

This week’s Hey Seery podcast explores the anxiety, depression and fear that accompany the COVID-19 crisis.

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Rarely Shared Secrets to Getting Reviews and Increasing Conversions

On the first episode of the Hey Seery podcast, RealSelf CEO and Founder Tom Seery interviews practice marketing veteran Eva Sheie about the world of online reviews, which are critical for helping great doctors do well online.

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Is Social Media Destroying Medicine? [Video]

At our most recent Advisory Board meeting, I talked to a dozen doctors about their take on whether there’s a risk that true experts are being drowned out and diluted…

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The State of Expertise in the 2020s

The decade ahead promises some incredible transformations for our lives. Expect to see the last vestiges of the Industrial Revolution meet their end point. By 2030, for instance, we’ll likely…

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Yes, We Can Thrive As Tech Accelerates

The rate of advancement in tech has officially outpaced our ability to keep up, and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has said the people and businesses poised to thrive are those…

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Introducing Hey Seery

Just like you, I am busy.  Relentlessly busy.  Because of this, we probably share an attraction to tools that make us more productive, like the Apple Watch strapped to my…