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The Latest RealSelf Learnings as We Test, Iterate & Evolve Together

1024 576 Kelcy Heringer

Inside the House of Modern Beauty

How our one-of-a-kind experiential event is helping to bolster the modern beauty marketplace. RealSelf built an online platform that has brought aesthetic consumers and providers together for more than a…

1024 576 Kelcy Heringer

Six Ways to Talk to the RealSelf Team in 2020

Here are six ways you can talk back to our team throughout the new year.

1024 576 Ward Vuillemot

How We’re Embracing Google’s Algorithm Updates

It’s about leveraging Google’s algorithm, not “gaming” it. RealSelf Chief Technology Officer, Ward Vuillemot, on how his team his remaking the site experience on It’s no secret that Google’s…

1024 576 Maureen Ezekwugo

What Were We Thinking?

The real reasons we launched the RealSelf Network & RealSelf Verified.

1024 576 The RealSelf Team

Coming Soon: Our 2019 Breast Reconstruction Feature

Our 2019 Reconstruct Your Narrative feature will highlight first-person narrative content, safety resources and treatment guides to help breast cancer patients navigate their mastectomy and reconstruction options.

1024 576 The RealSelf Team

Our RealSelf Verified Consumer Campaign in Action

Here’s a look at what consumers have been seeing both on and off of RealSelf about who RealSelf Verified Doctors are and why they should feel confident adding these doctors to their short list.

1024 576 The RealSelf Team

4 Reasons Why RealSelf Verified Doctors Will Win With Consumers

At the convening of our doctor advisory board meeting in Seattle last month, RealSelf CEO Tom Seery reminded members that when we set out to launch a reimagined paradigm for…

1024 576 Maureen Ezekwugo

Your RealSelf Network Questions, Answered.

We launched the RealSelf Network in early June after months of all-hands-on-deck building and honing here at RealSelf, and with the active participation of the doctors on our business advisory…

1024 576 The RealSelf Team

Inside Our Consumer-Facing RealSelf Insiders Program

Consumers highly value other consumers’ perspectives about aesthetic doctors and treatments. That’s why reviews are so highly prized: 78 percent of consumers say reviews are important when choosing a provider,…

555 312 Tom Seery

The RealSelf Network is Here

Late last year, I committed to you that we would make some major moves in 2019 to make RealSelf easier to use and deliver a greater return on investment. The…

1024 576 Kelcy Heringer

5 Lessons Learned from Our Advisory Board

I joined RealSelf as VP of Doctor Marketing because I felt it was the most customer-centric company in the industry and I wanted to work on a mission that helps…

555 312 Tom Seery

Previewing the RealSelf Product Themes for 2019

I want to fill you in on how we’re progressing as we move into heads down mode against the overarching commitments we made to you for this year: more listening,…

1024 576 Kelcy Heringer

Inquiries, Unmasked. Starting Mid-January, You’ll See Their Full Contact Information [Q&A]

Inquiry information is being unmasked. What happens after that? RealSelf’s Kelcy Heringer talks it out with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lara Devgan. In 2017, RealSelf launched a new feature…

1024 512 Tom Seery

Video: Introducing More Prospect Vetting & New Time Savers

    In a previous post I shared with you three priorities that RealSelf is undertaking to deliver more value to practices. The video above focuses on two of those…

1024 512 Maureen Ezekwugo

Video: Your Success is Our Success

    Of course, every team at RealSelf prioritizes the success of the consumers and practices who use our platform. But I lead a team that is unique in their…

1024 512 Tom Seery

Video: How RealSelf Will Work Harder For You in 2019

    In the video above, I discuss my vision for RealSelf and the top three priorities I’ll be leading my team on in the coming months. We’ll be: Doing…

1024 689 Tom Seery

Meet the RealSelf Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Lara Devgan

As I mentioned when we announced our financing round earlier this year, we are investing for the future. This means we are working to introduce RealSelf to more consumers —…

802 516 Tom Seery

@RealSelf Reveals Hidden Social Media Trends in Medical Aesthetics

Here at RealSelf, we’re lucky to have a smart team that manages our social media accounts and regularly reports on what’s working. With that team at the wheel, we more…

1024 683 Tom Seery

3 Key Learnings From My Visit With One Of The Fastest Growing + Most Loved Consumer Brands In The U.S.

I’m constantly drawing business inspiration from outside of my day-to-day world of medical aesthetics, so when Andy Hunt, the co-founder of Warby Parker, joined our board, I jumped at the…

1024 683 Tom Seery

Charting Our Next Chapter

Last updated: August 2, 2018 I am pleased to share with you that today we announced new financing that will drive the next wave of growth for RealSelf. We raised…