Getting Best Practices for Social Media & Other Aesthetic Marketing Channels

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Vanity URLs Aren’t Shallow

Using a custom URL to lock down your brand identity on platforms like RealSelf is kind of a big deal.

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YellowTelescope Wants to Turn Your Front Desk Staff into Superheroes

YellowTelescope, a RealSelf Affiliate, just launched a cost-effective and useful program to address the industry’s need for front office training.

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Power Up Your Practice Marketing With Personalization

Coax an inquiry to a consultation, a consultation to a booking, and a patient to a repeat visit or positive review.

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4 Things Providers Should Know About Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution refers to the process of determining which marketing efforts or channels contribute to patient acquisition, and helps you understand which of those efforts or channels are producing the…

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Etna Interactive Schools Practices on Loyalty Programs

Etna Interactive’s recent survey of best practices about patient loyalty and rewards programs reminds us that it’s seven times less expensive to keep a patient you already have than to…

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Protected Health Info + Texting Typos = Disaster. Here’s How to Stay HIPAA Compliant

A few years ago, I received a text on my phone that clearly wasn’t meant for me. I’ve blacked out the first and last name of the intended recipient and…

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[Webinar] How to Get a Patient Review in 5 Minutes or Less. Now With All-New Bonus Material!

Your prospective patients highly value reviews. RealSelf frequently surveys people who have reached out to doctors for consultations to learn more about how they make decisions. 78% of those high-intent…

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ROI: How to Fix These 5 Marketing Metrics

Smart management of your online marketing and presence can support both greater awareness of your practice and new patient acquisition. But these aren’t set-it-and-forget-it tactics, and that presents an opportunity.…

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ROI: Leverage These Four Sources to Create High-Value Social Content

To be effective and maximize your return on investment, social media content should be specifically designed to drive consumers to take a next step towards booking a consultation or treatment.…

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4 Ways to Get More ROI From Social Media

Posting to social media takes a lot of time. And while you should expect benefits in terms of positioning and branding, you should also expect a cold hard return on…

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9 Time-Saving Ways to Harvest Great Social Media Content

It’s no secret that social media can attract attention—and new patients—to your practice, and Instagram’s image-friendly focus is a perfect platform with which to engage them. Different post types can…

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Register Now: What’s Your Instagram IQ? Webinar

Instagram success doesn’t come overnight. While there are dozens of doctors thriving on the platform, thousands of others are struggling to gain relevance. When it comes to aesthetics, there is…

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Your Biggest Online Reputational Risk May Not Be 1-Star Reviews

Is maintaining your online reputation worth risking your medical license or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines? Nope. Luckily, Ryan Miller, CEO of healthcare marketing agency Etna Interactive, walks…

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How Savvy Surgeons Include Their Team for Social Media Success

You didn’t get into plastic surgery to become a social media influencer. And yet, it’s likely no surprise to you that channels like Instagram and Facebook can go a long…

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Your Inbox Is Where the Action Is for Your Practice. 5 Stats That Prove It.

The digital and the mobile ages kicked off a renaissance for both one-to-one and one-to-many marketing. From social media posting to messaging apps to push notifications, there are now an…

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16 Opportunities for Creating Instagram Content at Conferences

Instagram is the place where aesthetics practitioners should focus their social media efforts to reach the most consumers. RealSelf research has found that cosmetic Instagram accounts see an average of…

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What Your Practice Can Learn About Marketing Your High-Priced Services from Premium Brands

Create A Valuable Experience Whatever your need state is at Starbucks, if you ask a customer, I just want to get the coffee and get out, but do you want…

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Medical Industry Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Best Practices

One of our affiliate partners, healthcare marketing agency Etna Interactive, recently shared a wealth of resources to help take your email marketing to the next level. With an ever-shifting marketplace…

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Webinar: Why Do You Need Plenty of Reviews? Because Potential Patients Value Them — A Lot

Watch the recording of this exclusive webinar originally broadcast Tuesday, February 19 at 12pm PST.     RealSelf data reveals that customers most want to know whether doctors are experienced…

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15 Tips for Promoting Your RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame Induction

Congratulations to all the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame inductees! To help you promote your achievement, here are suggested ways to spread the exciting news — and to…