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How Does Your Response Timeliness Compare To Other Providers?

Have you ever wanted to know how quickly you and your team respond to consumer inquiries? Are you interested in how your response timeliness compares to other providers? If you…

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RealSelf is attending VCS…are you?

RealSelf is excited to be back at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (VCS) Symposium, June 6-10, with a session by our CEO, Tom Seery, our ever-popular RealSelf Video Booth (#111), and…

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What Patients Really Want

97% of consumers expect their provider to engage online, and their needs for information ahead of contacting the practice have changed dramatically thanks to the smartphone. In this course, we…

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Fact: 70% of Women Don’t Know that Breast Reconstruction is Covered

As you’re aware, women recovering from breast cancer are often faced with confusing choices in breast reconstruction – but we’re talking about what’s covered by law under insurance. A coalition…

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Part 3. When and How: Response Frequency and Methods

There are two types of potential patients – those you haven’t spoken to yet – and those you have, who just aren’t ready to move to a consult. But even…

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Part 2. Educating Potential Patients: How to Start

When communicating with a consumer, the first thing to do is be their provider…of information. Carefully consider what you’ll say to a potential patient when you connect for the first…

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Part 1. Consult Inquiries: Responding Quickly

You’ve been following up on every consult inquiry – and that’s smart for sure, but nothing surprises and delights a potential patient like getting a timely callback. It’s a process…

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Series: The When, What, and How of Responding To Potential Patients

If ever there was a great example of the journey being as important as the destination, this may well be it – the 10 million consumers who spend time at…

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Making the Most of Your Competitive Insights Snapshot

  To help you understand how your RealSelf Profile is performing, we prepared a personalized competitive benchmarking snapshot. Watch this brief tutorial to learn: How we developed the snapshot What personalized…

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Congrats to All the Most Loved Injector Nominees

With so many exciting things going on in the medaesthetic industry, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate one of the fastest-growing categories on RealSelf — injectable fillers. RealSelf…

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Data: You Want It, We Got It, and Now You Have It Too

I don’t need our team of data scientists to identify the top request from providers: More data. After all, with 10 million RealSelf visitors each month, we analyze millions of…

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Makeovers for Men: A Small, but Growing, Market

It’s not often that male makeovers make headlines, so when they do, it’s worth paying attention. The recent news that Ken, of Barbie and Ken fame, has undergone a truly…

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5 Trends Redefining Medical Marketing

There’s a lot of talk lately about potential patients being healthcare consumers. No longer passive observers, people are increasingly adept at researching procedures and providers and making decisions about what’s right for them.…

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Online Reviews: New Research, Intriguing Insights, and the Power of ‘Peer Trust’

You can’t escape it — from search engine result pages to community sites, online reviews of healthcare services are everywhere. Even the scientific community has taken notice, which may explain…

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Infographic Friday: So Much Content, So Little Time, and How to Alter the Formula in your Favor

Call it the content conundrum: Thanks to the internet, potential patients have access to a massive amount of information when researching procedures and providers — which means that practices that…

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Struggling with Social Media? Why so many Small Businesses Get It Wrong

By now, almost every successful business owner understands the importance of maintaining a social media presence. Unfortunately, many may still be struggling to get it right: Consider some of the…

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Infographic Friday: Automated Appointment Reminders Pick Up Where Self-scheduling Leaves Off

As noted in a recent post, letting patients self-schedule appointments online can turn lookers into bookers. Unfortunately, that still doesn’t guarantee that they’ll show up. According to the Harvard Business…

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¿Buscas Nuevos Pacientes? Hispanics, Healthcare, and Hints on Reaching a Large and Growing Market

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15): Esta su práctica médica amigable para los Hispanos? Depending on where you practice, who your current clientele is, and who…

RealSelf Fellowship reconstructive surgery in developing countries
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How We Choose to Give Back: CEO Tom Seery Talks About the New RealSelf Fellowship

At RealSelf, we view giving back as our social responsibility, core to our beliefs and culture. A guiding principle to our support of local charities and international medical volunteers is…

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From Contact to Consult: Can Price Transparency Net You More Patients?

To post prices or not to post prices, that is the question. For doctors providing medically necessary services, the question has taken on new urgency thanks to the Affordable Care…