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6 Scenarios Where You Look Different to Consumers Than You Might Think

Having a handle on how your actions appear to others can be tough. Here are six instances where you might be surprised at how your actions are being interpreted by consumers.

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4 Bashful Habits That Might Be Hurting Your Practice

When it comes to attracting new patients to your practice, those who practice quiet studiousness (“I’ll simply do great work and new patients will come.”) need to replace that persona…

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Get Inspired With These Smart Marketing Reads: October 2019

We’re reading about Facebook, Instagram, ageism and relatable (…or maybe not?) marketing this month.

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Webinars: Cracking the Code on Instagram & Reviews

Learn more tips for ramping up your online reviews (including a new integration to make it easier), and tune in as RealSelf CEO Tom Seery joins to help practices like yours outsmart Instagram’s algorithm update.

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Coming Soon: Our 2019 Breast Reconstruction Feature

Our 2019 Reconstruct Your Narrative feature will highlight first-person narrative content, safety resources and treatment guides to help breast cancer patients navigate their mastectomy and reconstruction options.

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6 Ways to Offer Fast & Quality Responses to Email Inquiries

tips for getting back to prospective patients quickly via email, and putting your best foot forward when you do.

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Get Inspired With These Smart Marketing Reads: September 2019

Drawing lessons and insights from the ascendance of a luxury fitness brand, the importance of inclusive marketing, the possibility of a world without Instagram “likes” + more marketing reads for September.

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Vanity URLs Aren’t Shallow

Using a custom URL to lock down your brand identity on platforms like RealSelf is kind of a big deal.

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Leverage Your Credibility to Get Selected by Consumers

Enhanced trust gets you considered by consumers. Enhanced reach gets you seen. Learn why pairing smart targeting and trustworthy standards boosts your chances of being selected by prospective patients.

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Power Up Your Practice Marketing With Personalization

Coax an inquiry to a consultation, a consultation to a booking, and a patient to a repeat visit or positive review.

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Webinar: Someone Online Hates You

Watch “Someone Online Hates You: Tips for Managing Negative Reviews” on demand now. It’s the day rued by any business or service provider: the day they receive the dreaded negative…

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Get Inspired With These Smart Marketing Reads: August 2019

This month’s reads are all about getting over and getting in tune: the general public starting to get over lingering stigmas associated with plastic surgery overall; cosmetic companies getting over…

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4 Things Providers Should Know About Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution refers to the process of determining which marketing efforts or channels contribute to patient acquisition, and helps you understand which of those efforts or channels are producing the…

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Get Inspired With These Smart Marketing Reads: July 2019

This month we’re reading about how to be more genuine in customer interactions, Google Maps’ crisis of trust, Facebook’s solution to stem the spread of dubious health claims, and what…

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Inside Our Consumer-Facing RealSelf Insiders Program

Consumers highly value other consumers’ perspectives about aesthetic doctors and treatments. That’s why reviews are so highly prized: 78 percent of consumers say reviews are important when choosing a provider,…

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[Webinar] How to Get a Patient Review in 5 Minutes or Less. Now With All-New Bonus Material!

Your prospective patients highly value reviews. RealSelf frequently surveys people who have reached out to doctors for consultations to learn more about how they make decisions. 78% of those high-intent…

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ROI: How to Fix These 5 Marketing Metrics

Smart management of your online marketing and presence can support both greater awareness of your practice and new patient acquisition. But these aren’t set-it-and-forget-it tactics, and that presents an opportunity.…

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6 Tips for Writing a Winning Bio

So you need to write or update your bio. What information should you include? How long should it be? Formal or more casual? Here are some tips to help craft…

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Get Inspired With These Smart Marketing Reads: June 2019

This month we’re reading about leveraging events to expand your brand, specific branding tactics from top domestic retailers, how to get yourself booked as a podcast guest, and the implications…

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ROI: Leverage These Four Sources to Create High-Value Social Content

To be effective and maximize your return on investment, social media content should be specifically designed to drive consumers to take a next step towards booking a consultation or treatment.…