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[Calculator] Learn how Vivace would impact your practice’s ROI

Get insights into the consumer market for microneedling treatments in your area, and estimate your potential return from investing in a Vivace device for your practice.

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Is Your Aesthetic Partner Working for You—Or For Themselves?

Stop playing the volume game with your aesthetic partner, and start asking these four questions instead.

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8 Consumer Trends Shaping Your Next Patient’s Decisions

Understanding how consumers are evolving is critical to your practice’s success. Learn the 8 consumer attitudes and expectations that should inform your marketing and treatment offering. Presented by Emsculpt NEO.

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The Power of Proof: Unlocking the Potential of Photos & Reviews

Learn why photos and reviews have special resonance with consumers, how they move the needle for your business, and a few creative ways you can unlock more of their potential for delivering more patients to your practice. Presented by Sciton.