CoolSculpting Heats Up: How Great Reviews Give You an Advantage

CoolSculpting Heats Up: How Great Reviews Give You an Advantage

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Fat. Despite the popularity of transferring it from one body part to another — think Brazilian butt liftsbreast augs, and parts of the face — many people just want it gone.

And many of them don’t want to deal with the cost, pain, or downtime associated with liposuction. Fortunately, there are several fat-reducing treatments on the market now that don’t require surgery, but according to RealSelf research, one tops the list in patient satisfaction.

CoolSculpting. In 2016, people gave the treatment a RealSelf Worth It Rating of 81% over the last 24 months, compared to 70% for Zerona and 67% for Liposonix. That means, factoring in positive and negative reviews, about 8 out of 10 people would consider undergoing the treatment again.

Consider some recent reviews:

I did two rounds of CoolSculpting on my abdomen, and it made a huge difference in my self-confidence … When I lose more weight I plan to do one more round! Next I want to try my double chin. – RealSelf user mmedwards1990

What CoolSculpting means for providers

Fat reduction isn’t just about fat, it’s also about restoring something else: Self-confidence. Equally important, satisfied patients tend to be more amenable to additional treatments, which can generate patient loyalty and lifetime value.

For as long as I can remember, I felt my arms were always disproportionate to the rest of my body … I had been considering lipo for the longest time, but I just didn’t feel doing something invasive for such a small amount of fat was worth the risk. So for now, I decided to go the non-invasive way with CoolSculpting and hope for the best!  –wrote RealSelf user piyopiyo (Note: As of her latest update, six months post-procedure, her hopes were, indeed, realized.)

Patients don’t consider treatments in a vacuum. They research options. Although some non-invasive treatments can be seen as “quick fixes,” that doesn’t mean potential patients don’t research them over extended periods of time. Sharing insights and participating in the online conversation long-term is the key to remaining relevant.

The whole staff at Radiance Med Spa was wonderful, I felt like they already knew me. From the consultation to my completed treatment I never felt like I was being sold something. Especially when I would suggest more work I was thinking of getting done the staff was honest and tell me I didn’t need it at all! I’ve already told my gf [girlfriend] about my experience and she can’t wait to make an appointment. – RealSelf user sapphireburst

Word of mouth remains the ultimate referral, but online reviews amplify it exponentially. This RealSelf user had her CoolSculpting session in May 2016, and her initial review has gained 114 comments since then. Many people share how her story inspired them to pursue CoolSculpting for themselves, with at least two booking appointments with the same provider.

The takeaway

When patients find a procedure ‘worth it,’ practices benefit

Online reviews are an invaluable tool for every practice and every procedure, but reviews are especially essential for newer treatments, like CoolSculpting.

Providers can help people interested in newer treatments by answering their online questions and offering an extensive before and after photo gallery of results, but nothing generates trust like several online reviews from satisfied patients. Savvy practices encourage patients to begin chronicling their aesthetic journeys early and update them often, as more reviews and more updates have both been shown to boost patient contacts.

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