Doctors and Mobile Shoppers: Is Your Practice Website Open for Business?

Doctors and Mobile Shoppers: Is Your Practice Website Open for Business?

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mobile website designHave you ever looked at your practice website on a mobile phone? If you haven’t, you probably should because it’s a safe bet that that’s exactly how consumers are going to be viewing it in the years to come.

Consider the following infographic from Tealeaf Technology, a customer experience management company that was bought by IBM last month. With 500 million smartphones expected to be in use by the end of the year — and more powerful ones being introduced all the time — that proliferation translates into $163 billion in mobile shopping revenues by 2015.

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But perhaps the most telling statistic is the one that states that 80% of consumers will abandon a site if they have a bad experience. And nothing says “bad experience” like a website that’s not optimized for mobile which is why you should take out your phone, bring up your practice website and see if it adheres to the following principles of good mobile design. If not, your webmaster needs to get busy:

Make it snappy: According to Compuware, almost 60% of users expect a page to load on their mobile device in three seconds or less, with 74% saying they’d wait five second or less before leaving the site. Large photos can slow loading times considerably, videos that freeze kill user interest and the Flash platform behind many interactive features won’t work on Apple devices at all.

Put your best content first: Check your analytics to see what pages your mobile users are accessing. If they’re looking at pages dedicated to Juvederm or Restylane, then those procedures should be front and center on your mobile site.

Make navigation easy: Big blocks of small print cause eyestrain; small buttons lead to unintended clicks, and excessive scrolling and pinching can be distracting. Hyperlinked bullet points, large buttons and plenty of white space, on the other hand, will encourage users to stick around and make it easy for them to…

Take action: Your mobile site should include links to your full website for those who want to continue their research, click-to-call functionality for those who want to speak to someone or schedule a consult and directions and a map for those who like what they’ve seen and want to come in.

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