Put Your Email Confirmation Page to Work

Put Your Email Confirmation Page to Work

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One of the keys to maximizing marketing ROI for your aesthetics practice is to make sure that every single marketing touchpoint works its hardest to inspire action.

One powerful touchpoint that might be easy to overlook is your email signup landing page. Aesthetic consumers who reach this page have already raised their hand to say they want to hear from you. While they’re in that mindstate, it’s worth your while to see whether you can push them to take further action, or at least prime them for the followup marketing messages and content they’ll be receiving from you.

Here are seven ways you can leverage your email confirmation page to do just that.

1. Offer a Piece of Content Right Off the Bat.

You promised your users that they’d get some value from you for signing up for your email list. Reinforce that promise by showcasing content as soon as they sign up.

On your email confirmation page, link to a piece of content that will offer near-instantaneous value to a broad swath of subscribers. Consider content with wide appeal (like “The 5 Things My Happiest Patients Wish They Knew Before They Started Their Journey” or “5 Questions Every Person Should Ask Before They Get a Procedure.”)

If you have access to a designer, you can even present this type of content as a downloadable PDF. If not, a simple blog post on your website or another destination, like Medium, will do. You can even link to non-written mediums, like a video you’ve posted to Instagram or YouTube.

2. Introduce Your Practice

Your ultimate goal is for some of these subscribers to become patients, so your confirmation page presents an excellent opportunity to credential yourself and feature your office.

You won’t want to spend a lot of time doing this on the confirmation page itself, but you should consider linking off to areas that will educate your subscribers about you, including directing them to your RealSelf profile, or linking out to a video or Instagram Story where you introduce yourself and your staff.

3. Tell Them What to Expect

Think of your newsletter as a product: what’s the product description?

Tell your users how often they should expect it, what type of content they should look forward to, and what that content will empower them to do that they couldn’t do as easily before (make better aesthetic decisions, be inspired, learn from other patients, hear your latest insights).

4. How to Whitelist Your Email Address

There’s a possibility that some email clients will list you as spam. Others might relegate you to a tab away from your subscribers’ main inbox containing promotional emails.

Smooth the way for your new subscribers to receive your email in their primary inbox by telling them how to add you to their email whitelist.

You don’t need to write this from scratch. Online resources, like this handy guide from Campaign Monitor, explain how to whitelist emails in the major email clients.

5. Tell Them to Follow You on Social Media

What an excellent opportunity to grow your following in all the social media channels where you have a presence.

Link to all of your active social channels and ask your subscribers to follow you there. Chances are you’ll post to social media more frequently than you’ll send an email newsletter.

If that’s the case, then use that value proposition when you ask subscribers to follow you: “Follow us on [insert social network links here] to see updates, insights, behind-the-scenes footage and photos from Dr. Visage several times per week!”

6. Get More Information About Your Subscribers

When you ask potential patients to join your email list, you’ll want to ask for as little upfront information as you can get away with. That’s because the longer your subscription form is, the less people will actually complete it.

Your confirmation page is a great place to ask for more information after the opt-in has occurred. Send your users to a form where they can offer information about themselves that will help you send them more relevant content—and give you deeper insight into your subscribers that can help you more ably convert some of them into consultations and patients.

Consider: areas of concern, procedure decision stage, zip code, and the type of content they’d like to see from you.

7. Send Them a Survey

You can also use this as an opportunity to collect survey data that might have a bearing on other parts of your practice altogether.

If there are consumer sentiments you’re curious about, or ideas you want to test, this is a great way to get outside of your head and see what potential patients have to say. Cover everything from waiting room amenities they’d appreciate to their impressions of specific procedures.