FAQs about treatment pricing on Business Pages

Why pricing transparency helps clients and you, and how to add custom pricing to your page.

FAQs about treatment pricing on Business Pages

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To help medaesthetic clients find the best treatments and providers for them, now all RealSelf Business Pages include some pricing information by default. And to help you decide the best option for your business, here’s what you need to know about pricing transparency.

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What is RealSelf doing to provide pricing transparency?

The RealSelf community is powered by transparency, and potential medaesthetic clients especially expect pricing information before they contact you. To provide pricing transparency for millions of aesthetic consumers, by default now RealSelf Business Pages include community-sourced pricing for the three medaesthetic treatments most popular with consumers who visit your page or contact you.

What’s community-sourced pricing? It is an aggregate of the information provided by real users who have gotten the specific procedure in your area.

You have several options for including or amending treatment pricing on your Business Page. To learn more, see What are my options? below.

Why is pricing transparency good for clients?

A full 50% of our site traffic is consumers researching medaesthetic treatments or providers. By surveying these engaged potential clients, we’ve learned that the cost of a treatment is the most sought after information for 3 out of 4 medaesthetic consumers. Including treatment pricing on your Business Page gives local consumers what they want before contacting you. By providing this in-demand information upfront, you build trust before someone even walks through the door.

Source: RealSelf Usage and Attitudes Research, Q1 2018

Why is pricing transparency good for my business?

Providing treatment pricing on your Business Page helps you in three ways. First,  it streamlines your search for the right clients by minimizing the number on inquiries you get solely regarding cost so you can focus on the inquiries best for you.

Second, it builds trust as a signal to local consumers that you understand their needs and are committed to sharing information that eases their search for the right provider.  

And third, pricing transparency gives you an advantage over competitors who aren’t sharing pricing information to help educate consumers in your area. Why? If you don’t show cost information, 19% of consumers think you don’t want to scare consumers, while 15% think it’s a tactic to get consumers in your door.

What are my options for including pricing on my Business Page?

As important as it is to give consumers helpful details to make informed choices, it’s also important to give you flexibility with your Business Page. You can choose between three options for what shows up on your page regarding treatment pricing:

  1. Specific pricing (action needed and highly recommended) – Update your Business Page with your specific amounts or ranges.
  2. Community-sourced pricing (No action needed) – Show aggregate pricing, which is based on real users who’ve received that particular treatment in your area and is clearly labeled as such.
  3. No pricing at all (action needed and not recommended) – Remove community-sourced pricing from your Business Page.
Can my RealSelf Advocate or Advisor add specific pricing for me?

For sponsoring providers, we’ll upload your business’ specific pricing information for you free of charge. If you’re already paying for Spotlights, ConnectLocal, or Profile Plus, contact your RealSelf Advocate to take advantage of this complimentary service. If you’re not a sponsoring provider yet, call us at (206) 624-9357 x4 to learn more.

How do I customize or remove treatment pricing on my Business Page?
  1. Sign into your dashboard and select “Treatment Pricing in the “Your Content” section.
  2. Click on “Edit” to update pricing for a treatment, or click on “Delete” to remove that treatment’s pricing.
  3. Once in edit mode, you can change the treatment name, the min (lowest price for the treatment), the max (maximum price for the treatment), unit type, and body area.
  4. Click “Save” to confirm your changes and update what pricing information consumers see on your Business Page.
Why don’t I see pricing information on my Business Page?

If you don’t see community-sourced or specific pricing information, we either don’t have enough local information to display aggregate pricing for your area, or someone else on your team has already turned off pricing on your page. To add your business’ specific pricing, please see How do I customize treatment pricing on my Business Page? above.

What if I have other pricing transparency questions?

Contact your RealSelf Advocate or Advisor to learn more about this valuable Business Page feature. If you’re new to RealSelf, call us to get answers from one of our experts: (206) 624-9357 x4.