From the Consumer Journey to Your Practice Website [Infographic]

From the Consumer Journey to Your Practice Website [Infographic]

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inbound marketing along the patients journeyNeedless to say, we at and are firm believers in the power of social media. Why? Because no other medium is as powerful in facilitating the “decision journey” that consumers undertake or the two-way conversation they seek when considering aesthetic purchases.

Unlike many social media sites, however, our goal isn’t to keep people “on the reservation,” but rather, to serve as a conduit for the free flow of information that, in turn, encourages those consumers to visit doctors’ practice websites.

It’s all about driving relevant traffic to those sites and while we could go on for pages about referrals, clickthrough rates and SEO strategies, we thought the following infographic summed things up pretty well. Developed by Impact Branding & Design and based on data compiled by, it echoes what we’ve been saying from the beginning:

In today’s socially focused, Internet-driven world, doctors who want to grow their practices need to join the discussion.

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