Get Calls from Ready-to-Talk Consumers

Real people. ConnectLocal sends live inquiries to your practice.

Get Calls from Ready-to-Talk Consumers

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As an engaged RealSelf user, you’re already making progress towards finding your next great patient. Now you can connect live with engaged aesthetics shoppers with the help of a compelling new service from RealSelf.

Get one step closer with RealSelf ConnectLocal

No one likes waiting. Aesthetics shoppers are 76% more likely to book a consultation if you respond within an hour versus the industry-standard two days. Our ConnectLocal Assistants connect with them immediately to ask them questions and determine whether they’re ready to speak to a doctor. If the answer is “yes,” we’ll connect them live to your practice. Contact information is great. Real people in real time? Even better.

ConnectLocal is targeted and flexible. Pay only when you’re matched with engaged consumers who are seeking the specific treatments you define, up to a maximum monthly budget set by you. There’s a special segment of engaged consumers who want to talk to you now. Engage almost immediately with ConnectLocal.

Here’s how it works:

Set your max budget.
Let us know the most you want to spend monthly or your monthly patient capacity for treatments you plan to feature.

Tell us your specialties.
We’ll only send inquiries for treatments you target.

Reach hand raisers.
Consumers who indicate they’re ready to connect with a practice will immediately get a call from a RealSelf Connect Assistant.

We’ll do the initial outreach.
RealSelf will confirm they’re ready to speak to your office.

Get a live handoff.
We’ll call your practice to make a live introduction.

We’re sharing accountability.
Pay only for inquiries you receive, up to your max budget.

ConnectLocal is a time-saving way to receive inquiries from potential patients who are motivated to learn more about treatment options. Let RealSelf do the heavy lifting for you and connect potential patients to your practice when they’re ready to talk. Live calls. Direct to your practice. Let us do the chasing.

There is limited availability in your area*.  

If you’re interested, connect with your RealSelf Advisor or Advocate to talk about eligibility. You can also email us at or call 206-624-9357 x4.


* ConnectLocal is currently available for select treatments in select markets.