Get Inspired With These Smart Reads, Including a Question even ‘Google’ Couldn’t Answer

Get Inspired With These Smart Reads, Including a Question even ‘Google’ Couldn’t Answer

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The start of a new year is a natural time to take stock of the previous year’s accomplishments and challenges, and utilize those insights to build a strategy for the coming year.

  • How often do you “Google” the answer to something. What would you do if Google is the question? First up, we take a look at the marketing questions even Google can’t answer—and perhaps doesn’t want to.
  • Healthy relationships in business are an integral part of meeting goals and working efficiently. Having a healthy relationship with your marketing agency is no exception. We will take a look at what constitutes a healthy relationship and how to get off to a good start with a new agency.
  • There’s a good chance that social media is a key channel for your marketing efforts. Two articles this month take on this topic. First, a look at social media trends to adapt for. And secondly, the ongoing debate about influencers, the value of working with them or not, and how to work with them if you choose to.
  • Lastly, we hear from a variety of industry experts who offer their insights into marketing trends for the coming year.

Marketing Is Still an Art (and a Science)

Numbers don’t lie, or that’s what we have always been told. But, that doesn’t mean they always tell the whole truth. One recent article takes a look at an instance when the art and science of marketing converged to achieve record results.

The new management team at a recently acquired business in the restaurant furniture industry revamped the company’s approach to how they would utilize Google. What they were told was that the company was having success acquiring new customers with Google Shopping, but that Google Search did not show positive results historically.

Rather than taking this as an immutable fact, they revived their efforts to optimize their ranking on Google Search. At face value, the results seemed to back up what they were initially told. A deeper look into the numbers changed the entire company and how they do business. Learn what happened >

What to Expect After Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Relationships can be complicated. Your relationship with a marketing agency doesn’t need to be. As with any healthy relationship, communication is key. Communicating objectives, reservations, ideas, and the background on your practice will go a long way to getting off on the right foot. Additionally, asking questions as you go, whether it be about a specific strategy idea or an acronym you’re not familiar with, can not only assist you in gaining a better sense of how they are going to address your business needs, but also open up free flowing-conversations and an exchange of ideas. How to effectively engage >

7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

Technology is constantly changing, and this is evident in social media changes and trends. The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to review your strategy and make adjustments. From the possible disappearance of on Instagram likes, to the effectiveness of influencers, to what channels you should focus on, social media has so many variables that it can sometimes be overwhelming to complicate. One recent CMS Wire article tackles the subject. Dive in >

Is Influencer Marketing Worth It In 2020?

Influencer marketing has been at the forefront of social media advertising for some time now. In 2019 it was an $8 billion industry, and by 2022 it is estimated to be a $15 billion industry.

But, how can you make it work for you? Diversifying the influencers you partner with in regards to reach, niche, message and the amount of followers they have can maximize the results you ultimately see. Whether you are just getting started in the world of influencer marketing or consider yourself a seasoned pro, this piece may provide some valuable insights for 2020. Read more >

New Year, New Marketing Strategy: What Industry Leaders Expect To See In 2020

Another year, another article about what to expect in the marketing world. Forbes spoke with industry leaders to gain their perspective on their insights in the marketing world. From the importance of building trust, compelling storytelling, to privacy and data-driven decision making, take a peek at what they believe the most important upcoming tends to be. This could be a valuable guide to analyze your current or future marketing plans. Expert opinions >