Hello World, Hola Mundo, Hallo Welt, Ciao Mondo, Bonjour le Monde, Ahoj Světe, مرحبا العالم, Witaj świecie

Hello World, Hola Mundo, Hallo Welt, Ciao Mondo, Bonjour le Monde, Ahoj Světe, مرحبا العالم, Witaj świecie

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RealSelf global reach

Today we announced our acquisition of Barcelona-based YNS Group. This is a transformative moment for our team and the community we serve. 

Structurally this transaction expands our consumer web properties from RealSelf.com and Tajmeeli.com, to include Multiestetica.com and web properties that are in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Czech). Our team will soon learn to master time zone differences as we welcome colleagues from office locations in Mexico, Spain and Czech Republic.

While we’re really excited by this growth and business change, James (our CEO) and I share the perspective that this milestone is most importantly about adding value to our customer’s lives. Going forward we are set up to better reflect cultural differences and preferences for aesthetic services. We can help our doctors reach patients that are in new geographies. We can assist aesthetic brands to boost awareness with modern beauty enthusiasts from 170+ countries and metros ranging from Cairo and Chicago to Curitiba and Cucuta.

The timing is right to pursue global growth 

From the outside looking in the timing of our acquisition may seem curious. The world is in the midst of battling a Pandemic and experts predicted that medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery would be “losers” to the seismic changes in consumer purchasing behavior. 

These prognostications proved inaccurate; at RealSelf.com we experienced an 84% increase in traffic in 2020. Surgeons in our community are often fully booked out for months. James and his management team believe what we’re seeing in the United States is both a durable trend and one that portends a boost in global demand for aesthetic services and the trusted information and transparency we uniquely deliver through our community and online resources. People across the world have experienced a massive shift in lifestyle due to the Pandemic including virtual, work-from-home arrangements which have allowed for more discreet, at-home procedure recoveries. 

Coming together

It’s not lost on us that there’s lots of work ahead of us to bring together our 300-strong team. We are fortunate that the YNS Group is stacked with talent and we have business operating principles to guide our efforts that keep us centered around our customer’s agenda and not our own. Our growth continues as we seek to add globally-minded business leaders and strong operators to the organization. Take a look at the career openings and please pass the word to your talented peers that RealSelf is a mission-driven company that fully intends to serve the world.


Tom Seery

I am an entrepreneur and CEO with a 20-year history of launching online products and growing digital marketplaces. While I am proud of being an invited speaker to over one-hundred podiums at medical conferences across the world, my passion is in blogging and sharing my insights, experiences and learnings in the Hey Seery podcast. I welcome new ideas and feedback @ heyseery@realself.com

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