Growing Your Practice Has Gotten Easier

Improved inquiry emails for responding to potential patients.

Growing Your Practice Has Gotten Easier

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RealSelf helps proactive consumers find and contact a provider every 5 seconds. To make it easier to follow up with all these leads, we’ve updated the inquiry email you receive each time a consumer contacts you.

This new inquiry email format includes three key improvements:

  1. Better organized layout for faster follow up,
  2. Photos for more context to inform responses,
  3. Full inquiry contact information.

Check out a sample inquiry email below, including more details about what’s new.

New layout: Faster and easier to read

The faster you get to know a new lead, the faster you can respond. And the faster you follow up, the better your chances of moving to the consult phase. In fact, responding within 1 hour leads to a 58% consult likelihood, compared to just 40% if you respond the same day.

Take a look at the example inquiry email below. Note how the consumer’s name and contact preferences are front and center, followed by context-rich details and notes included by your potential patient. This updated layout makes it much easier to better understand the consumer’s needs so you can personalize your response.

New feature: Problem area photos

In addition to the new email design, potential patients now have the opportunity to add photos to their inquiry, to better inform your response. So when someone asks about choosing between breast implant options or mentions smoothing laugh lines, visual evidence means you can streamline the back and forth while gathering facts pre-consult.

Plus, you can tailor your response based on the user-submitted photos too. Personalized follow ups help show potential patients you have a good bedside manner, which can build a trusting and loyal relationship before you even meet. A consumer is 7% more likely to respond if you personalize your follow-up message. It can also set you apart from any competitors the potential patient contacted as well.

Here’s an example of what your inquiry email looks like when the consumer adds a photo:

New: Full inquiry contact information

To make it easier to communicate with potential patients, we no longer mask or anonymize contact information when you receive an inquiry. Learn about the decision to share full contact information.

Tips and Resources

Check out the following tips and resources for making the most of your consumer inquiries: