Guest Blogging is Key to Doctor Online Reach

Guest Blogging is Key to Doctor Online Reach

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Looking for a proven way to spread the word beyond your medical practice website? Offer to write guest posts on other blogs. This gives you a way  to connect with people far beyond your current website’s reach.

Blogging, after all, is all about being social and adding your voice to more conversations is a great way to get heard. Even better, between your byline and any backlinks, you can help generate direct traffic to your own site and garner the kind of inbound (read relevant) links that search engines look for.

So how to do it? It may sound obvious but the first step is to write the post itself or, at the very least, a well-developed pitch or outline. It’s a lot easier to convince a site owner to run your content if they can see what you have to say. Then, it’s simply a matter of finding the site that will provide the best response:

  • Start with the people you know: Find out who in your online community blogs and offer to write a guest post. If they already know you and trust you, they’re more likely to say yes.
  • Contribute to sites which target the right prospects for your practice. The RealSelf Blog has seen a number of nationally-recognized doctors contribute including Jeffrey Kenkel, Mickey Bernstein, Phil Haeck, Rod Rohrich, and Jack Gunter.
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Guest post by Dr. Jack Gunter

  • Search Google, Bing and other search engines using variations on “guest post [niche] blog”. Greg Shuey at recommends priming the pump by commenting on other posts and sharing their content to develop a relationship before offering to contribute.
  • Take advantage of free sites, such as My Blog Guest and Guest Post Exchange, which categorize blogs by niche and offer to connect guest bloggers with blogs that accept guest posts.

Build on the relationships you develop — if you have your own blog, be sure to reciprocate — and you’ll build links faster than you can spell S-E-O.

Rob Lovitt

Rob Lovitt is a longtime writer and editor who believes every good business has a great story to tell. He has written for dozens of magazines and websites, including, and the inflight magazines of Alaska, Horizon and Frontier airlines.

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