How Does Your Response Timeliness Compare To Other Providers?

How Does Your Response Timeliness Compare To Other Providers?

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Have you ever wanted to know how quickly you and your team respond to consumer inquiries? Are you interested in how your response timeliness compares to other providers? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you can now find all that information and more on our newest Response Rate and Time feature.

This new feature in the Your Activity section of your dashboard evolved based on requests and feedback you shared after publication of our recent blog series, The When, What, and How of Responding To Potential Patients. In the articles, we shared that 58% of our RealSelf consumers expect you to follow up to their inquiry within 1 hour, and if you do, you have a 76% increase in conversion to consultation.

Providers like you have mentioned tracking inquiry response time can be challenging when you have multiple team members following up. We also know you’re eager to get better, and so our product team built the Response Rate and Time feature in your dashboard to help you quickly know at any given moment what is happening with your inquiries.

To get started, it’s important to know the definitions of a few key terms, including response rate and response time.

Response Rate is an indicator of how likely you are to respond to inquiries. We calculate this percentage as the number of inquiries received in the last 6 weeks who have been responded to within 7 days. The computation looks like this:

# of inquiries responded to (within 7 days in the last 6 weeks)

# of inquiries received (in the last 6 weeks)
= Your Response Rate

Response Time is an indicator of how much time it takes to follow up with new inquiries. We calculate this by looking at the number of hours it took for follow up for each inquiry received in the last 6 weeks that were answered within 7 days and then take the average.

In the example below, the highlighted box on the left shows how response rate and time now appear in your dashboard. But these numbers are only half of the equation – the other piece is knowing how you compare to other providers.

And we know this is important, because 90% of consumers reach out to three providers on average. Being the first one to respond with either all the right answers or with the tenacity to reach the consumer through multiple calls, emails, or texts, is a competitive advantage. So in the example below, the highlighted box in the center shows the average response rate and time for all providers.

The final element of the feature, in the far right box highlighted below, gives you a quick glance into your currently unanswered inquiries. Unanswered Inquiries are defined as the number of inquiries from the last 6 weeks that have not been answered. If you don’t see this box when you log in, that’s great because you’ve replied to all of your recent inquiries.

If you have unanswered inquiries, click the Respond Now button to go to your Inquiries and Calls list page.

The example of the Inquiries and Calls page below shows how the RealSelf consumer inquiry appears on your dashboard. That includes the inquiry’s status (for example, “inquiry” translates to unanswered).  

To help save you time, all inquiries still in “inquiry” status (meaning they have not been answered yet) are sorted first in chronological order, followed by leads with other status (e.g., response requested) in chronological order.

We have also added a few additional callouts to further help you quickly assess inquiry status:

  • Inquiries submitted in the last 4 hours are marked “NEW”
  • Inquiries submitted over 48 hours ago are marked “OVER 48 HOURS”

Once an inquiry moves from the status of “Inquiry” to “Response Requested” the page will be re-sorted upon page refresh.  

As you get acquainted with the new Response Rate and Time dashboard feature, please do not hesitate to contact your RealSelf representative if you have questions. They would be happy to help you further understand how your inquiry rate was calculated and build an improvement plan. If you don’t know who your RealSelf representative is, contact us at 206-624-9357 x4.

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