Infographic Friday: Content + Context = Smart Internet Marketing

Infographic Friday: Content + Context = Smart Internet Marketing

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You’ve probably heard marketers use the phrase “content is king” but what does it really mean?

In the simplest terms, it means that providing content — words, images, video, etc. — is an excellent way to engage with consumers. In marketing terms, it’s a tool to let people know who you are, how your products and services can benefit them and, ultimately, encourage them to choose you over your competition.

As this infographic from the folks at ContentPlus puts it, “Quality content is at the heart of an integrated, targeted approach to marketing.”

The anatomy of content marketing - the heart of online success

And yet, despite the impressive numbers displayed here, it’s important to remember that producing quality content is of little value unless you consider the context in which it’s being received. It’s about delivering your message at the right time, in the right place and to an audience that’s interested in hearing it.

The combination leads to a more patient-centric style of marketing that meshes well with how today’s aesthetic consumers search for, find and consume information. It also underscores the difference between pushing messages at people — which smacks of advertising — and offering insights that demonstrate empathy, expertise and thought leadership. Or, as Google Fellow Amit Singhal says,

Fundamentally, it’s not just about content. It’s about identity, relationships and content.

Doctor Takeaway

If content is king, then context is queen

Today’s aesthetic consumers are incredibly sophisticated searchers. They’re hungry for information that will help them make their decisions with confidence and they know where to go to find it. Doctors who produce compelling content and then share it in the right venue increase their odds of building the relationships that build busy practices.

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