Infographic Friday: From Curiosity to Consultation, Videos Prove their Value

Infographic Friday: From Curiosity to Consultation, Videos Prove their Value

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At first glance, the title of this infographic from Invodo — Video Marketing & the Customer Journey: Bring Your Products To Life — doesn’t exactly shout healthcare. But if you change just two words, it clearly applies:

Video Marketing & the Patient Journey: Bring Your Services To Life

It’s a journey that marketers liken to a funnel, in which aesthetic consumers become aware of competing options, narrow their results to the ones that warrant further consideration, and decide who will ultimately perform their procedure. And, as this infographic shows, video can impact whether that journey leads to your door or someone else’s:

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Doctor Takeaway

From awareness to purchase, videos ease the patient decision journey

Although the above infographic is retail-oriented, it’s still relevant for one simple reason: Today’s patients — aesthetic ones, in particular — are consumers. They conduct research, consider multiple options, and make a conscious choice to select one provider over another. They’re on a “decision journey,” and anything that gets their attention along the way facilitates the process. Videos, in particular, increase conversions, generate more social shares, and help turn the curious consumers into potential new patients.

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