Infographic Friday: Customer Service — It’s not just for Hotels and Stores Anymore

Infographic Friday: Customer Service — It’s not just for Hotels and Stores Anymore

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No one ever chose a medical practice simply because staff members returned calls quickly or greeted them warmly when they walked in the door. But that’s no reason to get complacent about good customer service: Fail to provide it and you just make it that much easier for them to choose a competing one.

The fact is that today’s patients, and aesthetic ones in particular, are customers, who research their options and then make conscious choices about providers based on a variety of logical and emotional factors. And, as this infographic from National Business Capital suggests, good customer service can help move the needle as it forestalls complaints, generates good word of mouth, and fosters long-term loyalty:

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Doctor Takeaway

From initial contact to final visit, good customer service makes great care medical care even better

While other medical fields are just coming to terms with the idea of patients as consumer/customers, aesthetic practices that incorporate good customer service throughout the patient journey should be well-positioned for a future in which healthcare consumerism is the norm. Of course, providing excellent medical care will always be paramount, but for today’s aesthetic consumer, it’s also part of a much larger experience. The more you and your staff show you’re glad they came in, the more likely they are to come back.

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