Infographic Friday: Do Your Landing Pages Convert or Confuse Website Visitors?

Infographic Friday: Do Your Landing Pages Convert or Confuse Website Visitors?

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Chances are your practice has one main point of entry for patients. Your practice website, not so much. Sure, many online visitors will, indeed, “enter” via your “front door,” aka your homepage, but others may not see that page at all. Instead, they’ll arrive by way of a so-called landing page, an interior page accessed via a link in a search ad or marketing campaign. Unlike a homepage, which is often about making an impression and raising awareness, landing pages have one specific purpose: to convert visitors into leads.

The key is to make it instantly clear that visitors have come to the right place. As this infographic from SmartBug Media shows, effective landing pages incorporate good design, informative content, and a clear call-to-action in order to get visitors to take the next step:

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Doctor Takeaway

Persuasive landing pages lay the foundation for effective lead management

As noted above, the whole point of a landing page is to prompt a visitor to take action — to schedule a consultation, for example, or download an e-book — and, in particular, take an action that encourages them to share their contact information. Doing so doesn’t mean they’re ready to “buy;” instead, it means they now constitute worthwhile leads who can be nurtured via a lead management system that will help transform them into patients.

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