Infographic Friday: Is Your Practice Website Ready for 21st-century Search?

Infographic Friday: Is Your Practice Website Ready for 21st-century Search?

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Search is dead. Long live search.

Actually, the reality is that search is neither dead nor destined to rule the Web forever. It’s just evolving and doctors who don’t keep up with the changes run the risk of becoming invisible to millions of potential patients.

As this infographic from vividly explains, the old rules for placing high in search-engine results no longer apply. Instead of falling for black-hat SEO tactics such as cloaking and link-stuffing, Google and its competitors are ranking sites based on their genuine relevance, the authority they demonstrate and what visitors do after they click on the original link. Add in the fact that they’ve also started listening to and factoring in social signals and you can see why the company suggests it’s time for a more holistic approach to SEO.

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Doctor Takeaway

Search engines are constantly evolving: adapt or die

Just last month, Google released another Panda update (its 20th!). While SEO experts analyze its impact, it’s safe to assume that it will continue the evolution toward ever-smarter, more pertinent search results. If you want your practice website to be among them, fresh content, evidence of authority and opportunities for site-visitors to engage and share will ensure you don’t end up on the evolutionary dead-end of page 17.

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