Infographic Friday: Make Your Emails Impossible to Ignore

Infographic Friday: Make Your Emails Impossible to Ignore

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When it comes to researching a procedure and choosing a doctor, aesthetic consumers can take months or even years to make a decision.

When it comes to receiving emails from the providers they’re considering, they often make their decisions — open or delete — in a fraction of a second.

Come out on the wrong end of the latter and there’s a good chance you’ll never be considered for the former.

And the problem is only likely to get worse as consumers receive an ever-growing torrent of emails. According to Microsoft, the average inbox will receive 14,965 emails this year, 50% of which will be newsletters and deal offers.

The key is to make sure your emails don’t get lost in the flood, a task that becomes easier if the people who manage your email campaigns follow some of the best practices described in this infographic from eMerge.

infographic email best practices

Keep your audience in mind and they’ll keep their fingers off the delete key

Doctor Takeaway

Attract subscribers’ interest quickly or lose them for good

While all of the insights above can help improve conversions, it’s safe to say that nothing is more important to your email marketing efforts than a strong, simple, engaging subject line. Consider these two recent arrivals in my inbox: “5 Tips for Healthy Skin During the Winter” and “The ____ Center Cosmetic Surgery Newsletter.” One got opened, one didn’t, and whoever is handling your email marketing campaigns should be able to explain which was which and what they’re doing to ensure yours make the cut.

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