Infographic Friday: So Much Content, So Little Time, and How to Alter the Formula in your Favor

Infographic Friday: So Much Content, So Little Time, and How to Alter the Formula in your Favor

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Call it the content conundrum: Thanks to the internet, potential patients have access to a massive amount of information when researching procedures and providers — which means that practices that hope to attract them have no choice but to add even more content to the mix. And let’s face it, the more content from more sources, the harder it is for those patients to find yours.

And, as this infographic from MDG Advertising notes, it’s only going to get harder going forward. As more healthcare organizations recognize that the best way to engage with today’s patient/consumer is by sharing great content, remaining silent is a prescription for remaining invisible:

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Of course, not any old content will do. Today’s aesthetic consumers are busy, savvy, and easily annoyed by overly promotional messages. Offer them unique insights; back it up with compelling interactive media (e.g., videos), and focus on helping them achieve their goals (not your business objectives) and you’ll be well-positioned for whatever comes next.

Doctor Takeaway

If you don’t show up in search or social, you may not get found at all

The driving forces behind healthcare consumerism aren’t losing any steam. As potential patients increasingly become digital-first researchers, more of them will conduct their research on their mobile devices and turn to social channels to hear about others’ aesthetic experiences. Successful practices realize these trends represent both a challenge and an opportunity and respond by sharing great content, having an SEO- and mobile-friendly website, and maintaining a helpful presence in the social venues where aesthetic consumers gather.

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