Infographic Friday: Promote Patient Engagement (and Boost Your Bottom Line)

Infographic Friday: Promote Patient Engagement (and Boost Your Bottom Line)

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What do patients want? Excellent care and great outcomes, of course, but increasingly, they also want to be actively involved in their healthcare decisions. They know they have choices, which means the days of doctors dictating courses of action and patients blindly accepting them are over.

It’s what marketers mean when they talk about empowerment. Today’s aesthetic consumers want to be considered partners as well as patients; they want to incorporate social content and online reviews into their decision-making, and they want to be able to connect with their doctors without necessarily having to pick up the phone.

And, as this infographic from eVisit shows, there are several steps doctors can take to help them accomplish all of the above and more:

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Doctor Takeaway

Engaged patients generate better outcomes and a higher ROI

Getting patients involved in their care is obviously good for them — better adherence to treatment plans, fewer missed appointments, etc. — but the benefits accrue to practices, as well. For one thing, patients who get involved tend to be more informed and are therefore better able to recognize quality care. For another, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their outcomes, increasing the likelihood that they’ll recommend their doctors to friends and family. Add in the improved workflow that online portals, self-scheduling, and automated reminders enable and it’s clear that facilitating patient engagement is well worth the investment.

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