Infographic Friday: Turn Clicks into Clients with a Well-designed Homepage

Infographic Friday: Turn Clicks into Clients with a Well-designed Homepage

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The path to your practice website can take many routes — a click from a search ad, for example, or a link from your social content — but, more often than not, the point of entry is the same: Your homepage. It’s where many visitors will form their initial opinions of you and your practice and, as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you want it to be a good one, good design is crucial.

Actually, make that “critical,” as the folks at HubSpot put it in this infographic. Today’s web users are savvy searchers and quick to move on when they don’t find what they’re looking for. The bad news is that you only have seconds to get their attention; the good news is that incorporating the elements below will not only help you capture it but also increase the odds that you’ll keep it:

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Doctor Takeaway

A well-designed homepage invites visitors in — and tempts them to stay

Given the ease with which visitors to your practice website can click away, getting them to stick around — with good visuals, great content, social proof, etc. — sets the stage for everything that follows. That’s especially true when you realize that most people who initially visit your website aren’t ready to commit. The key, therefore, is to get them to come back. Good design can help by laying the foundation for an ongoing relationship that turns casual visitors into quality leads and eventually new patients.

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