Infographic Friday: Turn Prospects into Patients with the 3 Cs of Content Marketing

Infographic Friday: Turn Prospects into Patients with the 3 Cs of Content Marketing

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You hear a lot about content marketing these days, i.e., the process of creating and sharing useful information with potential patients rather than annoying them with ads and other interruptive strategies. And with good reason. In a world of multiple screens and media overload, content marketing represents one of the few ways to stand out from the crowd and get your message across.

But there’s more to it than simply writing an insightful blog post or producing an eye-catching video. To be successful, your content has to do more than just help consumers resolve their aesthetic concerns; it should also generate awareness for your practice, demonstrate who you are as a person and practitioner and, ultimately, set the stage for a long-term relationship as patient and provider.

Accomplishing that requires taking a strategic approach that, as this infographic from Pure Chat suggest, entails Creating (and promoting) your content, getting consumers to take a follow-up action, i.e., Converting them, and then nurturing them until they’re ready to Close the deal:

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Doctor Takeaway

Design your content to move consumers from research to ready to buy

As the above infographic notes, an effective content marketing strategy requires a long-term commitment. In the early stages, it’s about building awareness; after that, the goal is to maintain contact, ensuring you’re still under consideration and encouraging them to reach out directly. Even then, though, many consumers still aren’t ready to commit, making it that much more important that you keep sharing exceptional content until they are.

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