Infographic Friday: Why Facebook Just Doesn’t Cut It

Infographic Friday: Why Facebook Just Doesn’t Cut It

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With nearly a billion people now on Facebook, it’s not surprising that some doctors think all they have to do is create a brand page and the world will beat a path to their clinic door.

Truth is, you can build it but, as this infographic from notes, that doesn’t mean they’ll come. That’s because most people use Facebook to post photos, share updates and secretly stalk people (just kidding about the stalking). They don’t use it to shop, which means that many ads and marketing messages are seen as intrusions or ignored entirely.

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Don’t get us wrong. Here at RealSelf, we like Facebook as much as the next person but we also know that it’s not the best place to market aesthetic products and services. And while you may not have a big enough audience to create what the folks at Get Satisfaction call a “branded community” on your own website, you can certainly spark the conversation by incorporating social features, such as sharing buttons, online reviews and comment-enabled YouTube videos.

Build a reputation for good information, open communication and personal attention and they will not only come, they’ll stick around.

Rob Lovitt

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