Inquiry Emails Now Include Photos

Introducing a New Way for Consumers to Personalize Their Pre-Consult Communication

Inquiry Emails Now Include Photos

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You might have noticed something new included in your email inquiries since January — photos! We now offer potential patients the opportunity to add photos to their inquiries to help them get the information they need faster, and to help you differentiate your response to them. For example, when someone asks about choosing between breast implant options or mentions smoothing laugh lines, you’ll now have visual evidence that will help streamline the back and forth while gathering facts pre-consult.

Plus, you can tailor your response based on the user-submitted photos too. Personalized follow-ups help show potential patients you have a good bedside manner, which can build a trusting and loyal relationship before you even meet. A consumer is 7% more likely to respond if you personalize your follow-up message. It can also set you apart from any competitors the potential patient may have reached out to as well.

Here’s an example of what your inquiry email will look like when the consumer adds a photo:

Keep an eye on your inbox

New and improved inquiry emails will start going out soon. In the meantime, check out the following tips and resources for making the most of your consumer inquiries:

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