Inside Our Consumer-Facing RealSelf Insiders Program

Inside Our Consumer-Facing RealSelf Insiders Program

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Consumers highly value other consumers’ perspectives about aesthetic doctors and treatments. That’s why reviews are so highly prized: 78 percent of consumers say reviews are important when choosing a provider, more than any other single factor.

With the RealSelf Insiders program, we’re giving our most engaged consumers an elevated platform for sharing their experiences with their peers, and rewarding those consumers for their time and commitment with recognition, an exclusive community, cool swag and other incentives. Here’s what providers should know about the RealSelf Insiders community.

1. RealSelf Insiders Offer a Breadth of Product and Feature Insights

RealSelf Insiders’ exclusive access will span a variety of experiences, from early test drives of new RealSelf features and products, to opportunities to try new aesthetic products and treatments from our brand partners. As aesthetics enthusiasts, Insiders get a first look at the latest treatments. And as RealSelf members, they enjoy influencer status with our platform when they give their input to our product and engineering teams. 

2. We’re selective about who can join the program

In building our community of RealSelf Insiders, we’re emphasizing engagement, quality, and commitment to participation. Our application is thorough and gives us the information we need to vet potential Insiders based on their level of participation on RealSelf. And when Insiders raise their hands to test new products and treatments, we expect them to follow through. Those who do can grow their influence by being among the first to talk about new treatments, and those who don’t are excluded from future RealSelf Insider product testing opportunities, ensuring overall commitment remains high throughout the life of the program.

3. Referring patients is a win for providers

If you treat a highly engaged patient who had a great experience and understands the value of peer opinions, they may be a great fit for this program, so please consider referring them to RealSelf Insiders! It’s a great way to help some of your favorite patients get access to exclusive perks. And for you, having patients who are RealSelf Insiders can give you a leg up on having new treatments and products used and reviewed.

4. We emphasize authenticity

When it comes to testing upcoming RealSelf features, we’re asking Insiders to be thorough and candid. It’s the best way to ensure we’re getting the most from the program and ensuring their critiques actually benefit our broader consumer community’s experiences—something that will eventually benefit RealSelf providers as well.

Likewise, we encourage our RealSelf Insiders to provide authentic reviews when testing products and treatments. It’s a mirror of the trust and transparency we require from our providers, and it’s the type of feedback that will maintain the credibility and influence of our RealSelf Insider community.

Learn more about RealSelf Insiders here. To refer a patient, have them fill out an application form here. Please note: aesthetic providers and office staff are not eligible for the program.